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7th Annual Train Day - Los Altos, CA


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Sam I am glad you were able to get some good photos as I only got a very few.  


It may not be apparent in any of these photos but we had according to the museum staff over 2,800 visitors to the show and to our layout last weekend.   This is a very local event but they do such a good job of promoting it that this has become the norm every year.


Lots of family's with small kids attend this show.  Because of limited space we have not been using any kind of barriers at this show.  Most of the parents are good about keeping control of their kids but we still have to keep a watchful eye on them kids while we are running our trains and interacting with the crowd.  


It really helped having the extra crew present and we appreciate the effort you guys made to join us.



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I am still in the States, but on the other part, in NY. I would like to thank Paul and Brad to let us play and a little bit help to finish the layout and of course to Junior due to the offered ride to Los Altos from the downtown of SF. It was really nice to talk to you guys, not to forget Simon as well, I enjoyed the day so much. I will upload some photos when I get home, so couple of days.


(The rest of my day was not so successfull, I felt over my rental bike on Golden Gate - although Junior warned me - so I finished my day in a hospital with 7 stitches. But I am OK now. :-) )

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Oh no IST, I'm so sorry to hear that.  Maybe I jinxed you by talking about the cycling situation on the GG Bridge.  Glad you're doing better though.

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I was finally able to upload some pics I took with my iPhone.


My favorite was Brad's 115 peeking out of the tunnel.  Paul's Chinese locomotive, my Kintetsu Urbanliner and 885.



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