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Something good from root canals! Dental Reamers


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One little thing that is nice about root canals is that they use a useful little tool, dental reamers, which are very slender round reaming files! These are used to clean out the root canal, but are perfect to ream out small holes just a scooch when you are installing a small detail. Small drills are great but they are very brittle and not great for reaming or cleaning holes as that's when they tend to go SNAP! You can get a set of 6 ranging from 0.35-0.55mm (2cm long) for about buck or so and cheaper if you lurk auctions for a while (gotten a set for less than a buck and recently got 8 sets for $3). If customs and duty are tough on little bits like this search ebay in country as they are pretty common items.


Very handy and stainless steel and very strong!








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It was $3 and giving most away to club members. couple of other sets at 30 cent on auctions.



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Jeff you gotta be the tool man! Every neaty little tool for any job!  :)


Somehow or rather Root Canal sounded like something to do with teeth and the dentist...

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Well it is a dentist tool!


They are handy little suckers. I just realized how much I had been using them attaching tomytec train details and also construction vehicle details as they are so easy to just do that tiny bit or reaming neceary when paint gets in the holes.



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so was just adding some detail parts earlier and using my little reamers to fine tune the holes. these have to be the best little tools for a buck! really super handy. realize the duties may make them much more, but check in country as you might find them locally or ask your dentist! if someone really wants one and cant get them in your country i can try tossing a couple of them in a letter and see if it makes it thru the system, sometimes that works!


they are great to ream out a bit of paint in a hole or just clean it out from drill smutz or enlarge just a tiny bit at a time. the very thin taper makes it great as the hole walls will have the tinist of tapers so as you shove the part it it holds better and better. i have micro bead reamers but they dont work as well as these and they have larger tapers and not quite as tiny as these.







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