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I was inspired to bring out and run my German locos.  Got my fix.  Now back to N Scale. :)



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I know this is an older topic, but since I have been buying a bunch of German (mostly) N-Scale stuff, I thought I'd comment on the N-Scale side from my experience.  (There are others on here much more experienced).


I've bought a bunch of older Fleischmann N-Scale locomotives (German DB) and a couple Arnolds.   All are pre-Digital and were bought on eBay.   All have run OK out of the package from the seller and all should clean up and lube and run rather nicely.  There are also good tutorials on converting to DCC for many or most of these (and they all are made similarly inside so even if your particular model is not listed, the conversions should be clear cut) on http://1zu160.net   .  


Most of my used locomotives and wagons have been Fleischmann and in general I have been pleased with them.  They seem solidly made, well detailed, etc.  I don't know how "accurate" they are but they look good to me, a layman.


I have also bought several new Fleischmann locomotives and a couple from HobbyTrain.   All DCC ready.    All run well and seem very well made.


I have had good experiences using the following stores in Germany and Holland.  The German ones also deal in other scales besides N.   All three of these take the VAT off for shipments outside the EU and all take credit cards.





Lippe charges a flat rate 27.50 Euro for shipping to the world, outside Germany/EU.  And they ship UPS Express Saver, which is pretty fast (2-3 days in my experience).   They process and ship orders relatively fast.   VAT is not charged and once you register with a non EU address, your shopping cart will reflect without VAT (not done only at the very end).  They also have a percentage-based reward system on purchases that gives you Euro credit you can apply towards future purchases.






They are responsive to CS emails, and ship quickly for in-stock stuff.  They charge 35 Euro flat rate for outside the EU shipment.  They use DHL WeltPaket, which seems to be a sort of SAL Packet type service.  Typically 8-12 days for me to get stuff.  Once it leaves Germany, it goes by the postal system.  DHL only handles it inside Germany.





Husband and wife team.  Small shop.  They seem to travel to train shows and exhibitions a lot.   Very responsive to emails and concerns.   Very friendly.   Some things nicely priced.  Others average.   They charged me 39.30 Euro flat rate for outside the EU shipment.   I think that is standard.  When I first went to their site they did not show orders without VAT.  I inquired and he said it was underway.  Later that day he told me to try it and my sample order (which I did not complete) showed without VAT and a week later I completed a nice sized order from them and it was done without VAT.    They had a stock issue where their site showed in stock, but when I ordered they said it was out.  I suggested a replacement.   All went well and I was very pleased with how it worked out.  They shipped by a trackable package class through the post office and it took 8 days to me in Utah from Holland.


I've also ordered twice from this guy in Holland:  https://www.locs4fun.nl/N_frame.html?https://www.locs4fun.nl/

He mostly has used stuff, though some stuff marked as new (or new equivalent).  Does not sell without VAT but sometimes his prices are good anyway.  His shipping costs vary but are low (not a high flat rate).  Stuff comes in a week to 10 days.  Pleased with him as well.   He does not carry a ton of stuff and mostly used.  I don't know his situation but the business seems like a hobby for him and he seems to attend to his emails etc in the Dutch evening.  I ordered 3 used coaches once, and once a new loco and 2 used coaches.  No problems.


Those are my basic European train experiences, outside of eBay.   I have 3 orders from Lippe, 2 from Kramm (one is held up by some backordered items), and 1 from the Holland guy n-spoor.nl and 2 from locs4fun.


I'll post a group photo later when I can get everything out on track :) when the wife is gone.   (She knows about the train habit and asked me about the Japan Amazon delivery from DHL today, but I don't need excess questions about things and the variety and amount of trains :)  ).

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Thanks for sharing your experiences with various vendors.  The shipping options and cost is very helpful.  I've made all of European train purchases domestically and I'm proud of myself of having some restraint when it comes to European trains though there's always some drool when I see your purchases.  When I decided to get some European trains, I thought the cost of N and HO scale was comparable so I went with HO and part of me always wanted to try out Marklin trains.  This was my first introduction to the digital world as all of my n scale stuff is DC.


Here are some of my N Scale European coaches, all are Minitrix.  I need to get some locos eventually to pull them. :)





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@serotta1972  Those are awesome!   If you get tired of the left and middle columns of cars, and can offer a good deal and want to dispose of them, let me know :)


When I was in High School, we went on a 4 week exchange to Germany (1983).  We went to the Gymnasium (academic High School) in Göppingen, which happens to be where Märklin is located.   We had a day trip to their factory and their customer service/welcome center where they had a big layout etc.  A whole room full of layouts and stuff to look at.  It was awesome.  For a long time I wanted HO and Märklin, but later in the early 90s when I lived in Landshut, outside Munich, I saw the Arnold N scale and knew that was what I wanted.  And Arnold used the Märklin Digital system a the time for digital.  I was sold.  When I went to Germany late 90s to visit I would pick up the latest Arnold catalogs.  Fast forward to now about 2 1/2 months ago) and we finally bit the bullet and got some N Scale trains.  I waited for some 25+ years for my N-Scale but now have indulged...   With the "universality" of DCC it makes the digital systems much more accessible than it was back in the 90s.


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On 3/9/2018 at 10:47 PM, serotta1972 said:



Which model number(s) are these SBB coaches? Even though they're swiss they come far into Germany as Eurocity trains, pulled by a BR101. Due to my current schedule I always see one of them on my way home after work, with the panorama car included. Haven't really thought about it before, but now I kinda want a model of one :)

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@Gryphr - Here you go.


Trix 15083 Panorama Car SBB/CFF/FFS

Trix 15084 Type Apm Express Passenger Car SBB/CFF/FFS 1st Class

Trix 15085 Type Bpm Express Passenger Car SBB/CFF/FFS 2nd Class x2

Trix 15086 Type Bpm Express Passenger Car SBB/CFF/FFS 2nd Class x2



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