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Canberra N scale


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My E6 with its recently installed lights on the club layout at today's local model train expo.


The scenery is Canberra and its surrounds.



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Das Steinkopf

Are you running it slow or is the lighting draining too much power from the supply, I remember talking to Doug about whether it was worth fitting lighting into a train and how it had reduced one of his Shinkansens to a crawl after fitting lighting to it.

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Had to run it slow for the video until I caught up with a slow coach in front. Was ripping it around most of the weekend as the kids loved it that way ( me too!).

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very impressive layout Oz_Paul. Love that Roundhouse and river scenes. would be good to see a general overall view of layout. Looks pretty large.

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Actually I like the speed.. It looks to be around like 40-50km/h in real life? Which is good for viewing the train in all its glory... Though it is a shinkasen however, it is on the conventional track with a track speed limit of max 130km/h ~

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