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Hello Kitty Cafe Van


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Let's see... German van with US Hello Kitty Cafe livery. Doesn't get any more niche.

So I'd say you won't get it, unless someone makes those in his shed.

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I know that kitty cafe's - and a kitty island, exist in Japan (I experienced my first one in Montreal last May), so I'm surprised that no enterprising railway hasn't created a kitty lounge car.


Of course - you would need double, interlocking doors at each end.

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sushi did a long long time back as i was eating it as a kid in the 60s! Just not served to the average american Japanese restaurant patrons!


My mom use to do a lot of stock trading (back in the days when the market was sane and research and what a company did actually was evaluated) and was very good at finding the emerging stocks. brokers would send her all the new prospectuses to review and then follow her decisions! when Karaoke machine company went public here she thought it was the dumbest ideas around and did not go for it. boy did she kick herself as it was one of the few she passed on that did very well for a long while there... Fun to rib her about it to this day!



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Oh, I guess you mean a cat cafe-style train.


Yeah - maybe a full-blown cat people only cruise train.


Additional charge for a personal cat in your compartment.

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