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AJMRG at Sandown Train and Hobby Show 2016


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Hi guys,


Since having a great break during Christmas and having first meeting for 2016. The Australian Japanese Model Railway Group Inc have been accepted to Sandown which will be our first exhibiting event for 2016.


With this we have a new set-up system and newer trains to display on the layout. All the details can found on our Facebook page. Oh and the guys wants me to cosplay for the event. (Rail Wars Naoto)

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Please post plenty of photos. I'd love to attend but have a trip to Melb booked for May.


You might find this page interesting for your cosplay:



Here is one of me at the LEGO convention this year  (Brickvention)



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Were you protecting the VRLGM layout, I know a number of the boys in that group Teunis, Mitch, Peter and Mike they are pretty awesome modellers.


Yes I was and the LEGO Grain Silos were my creation for the group layout. 

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