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Tomix 40th Anniversary

Krackel Hopper

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Krackel Hopper

I just discovered (HobbySearch Blog) that 2016 is the 40th anniversary of Tomix.


It is mentioned that Tomix plans to announce some commemorative anniversary products in spring/summer.  It sounds like they are focused on having these anniversary products released on/around their actual anniversary of September 27th..


I know it is total speculation at this point, but I wonder what items they might be releasing.  Will Tomix do some fancy re-tooled engine from their start?  I don't know what models Tomix even had during their first year.


My guess is they'll do an anniversary track cleaning car like they did for their 30th & 35th.. but no clue what else they might have in mind.  Maybe some exclusive anniversary containers or koki car from the Tomix World Tec Station Omiya store.. it'll be interesting to see!





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Jeff and KVP

  Here's Rich K's site   http://www.trainweb.org/tomix/  It's about all he knows about Tomy and Tomix.   KVP - Check the early Tomy link (pre Tomix in 1975)  and  you will find that indeed the ED75 was the first loco along with others that most turned into Tomix in 1976, including the first freight car runs.  You'll also find the Tomy and Bachmann MDT switchers that they collaborated on in 1975 and 1976.  The drives were Bachmann and still run very well to this day.  Their anniversary track cleaning cars are nice, but not part of the original production.  I'm hoping they will make some of the earliest train sets produced for their 40th anniversary. 


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  Me too.  As far as I can find out the HN-502 C Type (KSK 3 Axle Steamer) was in the first train set with 4 freight cars.  If anybody finds, or knows different, please let me know as I have found out recently that Tomy produced a 1974 catalog, possibly a pre-production catalog for their 1975 debut.  Unfortunately I lost the Yahoo Japan Auction.  I bid Y7,000 and lost in the final seconds.  It sold for Y7,350 to a Japanese bidder who is obviously also a collector of Tomy as he has outbid me many times for rare Tomy/Tomix items.  I have this loco and it runs as well as the one in the video.


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Davo Dentetsu

I think their first locomotive was an ED75, the same type still often packaged with their track cleaning cars. ( http://livedoor.blogimg.jp/ks_dee_railway/imgs/3/3/33369c5b.jpg ) So a commemorative track cleaning setup like this sounds natural.


Edit: found it: http://www.trainweb.org/tomix/tomy/tomy.htm

Yup, I have one here, imported 6 months ago as a non-runner, but a service and clean and it's good as new again.



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Krackel Hopper

hey hey,


Just looking over the 40th Anniversary stuff they've announced.


I'm on the fence in regards to the track cleaning car.  I love the idea of doing the old style wood braced sides w/ yellow stripe, but I'm just not sure how well that would look on the layout.  I know, the track cleaning car always looks out of place, but this one maybe moreso than others?  I just cannot picture it being pulled behind a steam locomotive.  I suppose you could use something like an EF58 or DD13, maybe that would look better.


I see they're also doing a couple of DD13 locomotives.  Can anyone clue me in on the differences between the DD13-300 and DD13-600 series?  Is it a warm region vs cold region thing?  Were they specific to a certain area?




Krackel Hopper

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White, bright orange, blue with yellow stripe, clear shell all fit better into a layout that a pretend looking wamu version one?


I agree they all look out of place.  But I think this new one will be the least out of place.

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It may look ok with a steam loco or an eh10. The blue with yellow stripe is for the track cleaning emu. White: east-i and so on...

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