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Cleaning Wands


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So in my usual late night ebay lurking i ran across yet another beauty product that was actually made for model railroaders!


These are small, disposable applicators for lip gloss and eye makeup. they are basically very dense cotton fiber on a little stick. These are much larger than the dental applicators which are super tiny and not much fluff. These are like small, dense qtips with pointed or wedge ends. they take isopropanol well, dont seem to shed lint or fall apart. They last and at 1-3 cents apiece, they are disposable when they get dirty enough!


Two main styles. Search makeup applicator on ebay.


the little pointy ones, good for getting into tiny places






and slightly larger wedge shaped ones that have a nice flat surface.






These are far superior to regular or even the high density qtips/swabs you can find (even the pointy ones). the plastic staff is also nice and stiff!


these are perfect to clean motors, gears and wheels with. the wedge shaped ones are great for getting wheels and larger contacts. The pointy ones for places you need to get in tight (like toothpick size) places.


Also will work with doing weathering and such as well.


great new inexpensive tool for the toolbox!





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Hello Mr Jeff,


Happy New Year to you!


So sorry, but it seems that many of the tools that you use for modelling can be found in my wife's make-up cabinet .... :glasses2:


What should I make of that?

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Hi E6.....just borrow the from your wife's make-up cabinet and don't tell her :)

             In that way she is supporting your hobby....but she might catch on when she only has 3 "cleaning wands" when the day before there were 50 in the cabinet. :)

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Happy new year to you as well E6.


How bout buy extra and supply her, that will get you train buying points! I do have way more beauty products than my wife! At least I've only used them on the trains, so far...


It was funny when quite a few years back I was trying to find pin tape (chartpak pin tape has really gone scarce in the last decade or so with digital) and discovered pin tape used for decorating nails. That lead to poking around nail stuff on ebay and then makeup stuff. Dental stuff as well!


Hey I'll take it where I can find it and it being part of a huge market means it's much more inexpensive of an option.



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Jeff - Happy New Year.....and here's a switch, is your wife taking from your hobby supplies to stock her make up cabinet? :)

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Actually she is not a makeup gal so I never got to raid her stuff to find things, not have to worry about pilfering myself!


I'll post pictures if I ever begin using this stuff on myself!



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