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World Kogei Tokai KiYa 97

Das Steinkopf

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i am wondering if they are going to use the same rear truck and maybe thus the pickup as well to get power from both trucks for the motor unit like the original did. if the dummy unit uses the same trucks maybe they can also get pickups as well easily.

I'm pretty sure they are different from the example pictures I've seen.  But then the example pictures are of a prototype and may be different from the final product released.




The problem I have with this pic is that it looks to use the plastic underbody parts.  They are more detailed.  But the coupling on the ends still looks like the metal kit ends.

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Kato, where did you get this picture? Is it of the new model? This does not look like the same front and coupler as in the world kogei pictures of the new plastic model.


The trucks look like the wk folded metal trucks used in the special run kit. The special run also used the plastic underside details as well.



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World Kogei website. http://world-kougei.com/hpgen/HPB/entries/58.html


I think probably after some investigation and lack of English information has compounded the confusion moreso.  There is 3 kits previously or currently available.  A full brass kit, and brass and abs plastic mixed kit.  And now the current full abs plastic kit.


The pictures turning up on google searches without good English support material has confused us all.  A lot of online retailers are using the pictures from the previous brass model as example pictures and the whole thing is clouded.  Oh fun times. haha

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This looks like the metal kit that has two motors, so both ends have pickups.


Btw. the tail lights need the same space as the protection diodes, but the metal chassis is abit thinner.

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Really hard to tell from this mish mash. the description sounds like the plastic release, as it has some metal details as well. i wonder if the pictures were of the current status and more things have been changed to plastic like the front skirt and rapido couplers. it is all a bunch of guesswork!


im hoping in the plastic model the motor car has pickups in the second truck for the motor and that they use the same trucks in the dummy to make lighting easier.



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Krackel Hopper
Don't mean to take away from discussion of the kiya 97 about to be released, but this caught my eye..

I didn't realize the Kiya 97 has a half bother?


MicroAce did the kiya95 DR1 & DR2 back in 2010


Probably pretty hard to find these days but would be a great compliment to the kiya97.. honestly, because I have the Dr. Tokai DR1 formation is the main reason I'm considering this model.. however, I really stink at painting so I know I'd never get close to making the kiya 97 look like it should.







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Dang thanks for tapping on a couple of my old neurons! I had totally forgotten i had gotten one of those! now i know i have too many trains and need to thin some! 


will be fun to have them with the kiya 97.


painting is pretty straightforward on this one! mostly yellow!





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miyakoji - you can see 5308 painted just under the clamp on the wagon closest to us.

I just zoomed in on the other car and I believe it is the 5258.


I also see that this was the set-up Meitetsu - and no doubt lots of other railways - used before they built their special welded rail train.




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Well got my kiya97 today. Very nicely done model. Looks like the details are all nicely done and lots of etched metal parts. Also comes with 2 motor trucks! So each car is powered! Only detail tha is not fully detailed (due to size and shape) is the rail clamp. But IMHO it would be tough to get it much more detailed, maybe etched metal, but that would be yet another medium for parts to be made and this is the intermediate level kits. A more detailed one could me made out of stryene shapes and some thin wire. Also nice blackened metal wheels.


All and all worth the $68! Going to be a nice model to do.





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I think that is the money shot! The clamp frame does rotate! The clamp frame is rotated in the picture. The angled rollers are what supports the weight and allows it to rotate around a central pin. I'm guessing there are two rings of 6 rollers each, two are hidden directly under the center cross piece and a pair on either side angled at tangents to the ring.




Jeff - I found an even more detailed money shot.


Has anyone built one of these yet?  Likely not, or we would have seen photos.



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Nice! Would be something to 3D print if you really wanted all the details in there. Not horribly hard to cad.


Have not had the time to start on mine, hoping later this summer to dive in.



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You couldn't begin to get close to all the details in N scale, but could likely get much closer than what the kit provides.

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Nice! Nicely done. The clamp detail looks acceptable to me. A little detail painting and weathering could help simulate a bit more detail. Much more detail is going to be hard to see past 12" and you would need to be very careful when painting it not to destroy finer detail.


Does show that having a rail load on regular radius curves may be a bit tight and look a little odd with the amount of swing happening.


Hoping to get to mine this summer!



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Das Steinkopf

Not a Kiya 97


The KiYa 97-200 are used for transporting long sections of welded rail akin to the 13 car Chiki EB units that JR East use, the train normally consists of the 2 power cars with 11 wagons in between them.


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