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Martijn Meerts

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Martijn Meerts



As many of you will have noticed, the forum has been unavailable/slow/a pain to use recently. We've had this problem before and at the time I started looking into moving the forum to a new server. Due to my work schedule I didn't manage to get it done at the time, and considering the forum started working reasonably well again shortly after, the whole move fell a bit to the wayside.


However, since it's happening again, and since I've got a holiday coming up, I'm going to be finalising the move. I don't have a specific time it'll happen, but it will highly likely be this weekend. I'm also not sure how long it's going to take, considering we have quite a bit of data to copy over, and the DNS server for the domain will need to be updated. But do expect the forum to be in maintenance mode/unavailable for quite a few hours.


Once the move is done, the forum should be much more responsive again, and I'll have better monitoring and control over the whole thing.

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Martijn san, thank you so much for your hard work and effort! Kudos to you we have a really nice place to meet and chat online! Cheers!

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Martijn Meerts

Okay, the forum should slowly start waking up again. The transfer of all the data has been done, and I've updated the DNS server.


It'll likely take a while for the DNS changes to have propagated to all DNS servers, and there might still be some caching issues going on, so expect the occasional error now and then. If you come across something more serious (unable to upload files for example, or PM system not working, or not receiving notification emails etc), please post in this thread so I can go and fix it.


If there are no serious issues left I'll start looking into some more change to increase performance, and start figuring out which files I can safely delete from the server. Right now there is still a lot of stuff on it from the old forum software, and we really need to get rid of all that ;)

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