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Help: Danish Exhibition


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No problem, use all you can of my ideas, acctually it is all JNS Forum ideas, i asked for help and got it here, so you go ahead and copi my layout, it will only make me proud  :grin


This is why i joint this forum, to get help and help others if i can.







Love it!!


Exactly the kind of layout I want to make: not too big (of course, I'd like to have a huge one, but let's face it: I don't have the space I need...) not to small because I want to run Shinkansen and they need some length. Max 10 car shinkansen (for such a layout 6 to 8 are the best).

And most of all: double overhead railroad with station. And another station on the ground for local trains.


Just one thing: I don't like too many curves for the shinkansen/overhead tracks, but otherwise it rocks! And I understand the desire of not having a simple oval.



So this is really inspiring, thanks for sharing, don't worry if sou see pictures of something similar soon: this will be mine! ;-)

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YES, you are absolutly right about the viaduct walls, i did pull them out a bit to make room for the parrallel side track and also some double sided tape under the track to hold in place,peace of cake, and it works very well.

I did use the R481-15.








Hey all

This weekend i went to my second Exhibition with my new and smaller layout (110cm x 250 cm), all ground track is mounted on to the base board, it toke(how do you spell that??) me only 3 hours to set it all up and running, that was nice, last year with the big layout it toke almost 10 hours .

It all went really well for me,everybody was thrilled to see something different than Danish Trains.


See photo here:





Am I the only one to notice and mention that you do not have a station platform on your elevated station viaduct at the back of the layout? Instead you lined up the centerlines of the viaduct track and the station viaduct, and managed to squeeze 4 parallel tracks in there, so each main line has a passing siding (or storage track). What a brilliant and clever idea! The station building below the viaduct makes the casual viewer think there is a station, and most people will never notice that there is no platform upstairs. You get more operating flexibility instead, with 2 more trains ready to operate.


When I tried this this morning, the four tracks were more than a little tight fitting in the station viaduct. Did you pop out the viaduct side walls slightly, use a curve other than R481-15, or is there another trick?


Another thought:  At the suggestion of jeff and the JRM folks, I use medium-grey paper sheets on the table platform in my "urban" areas. Large and somewhat thick poster-size sheets can be found at an art supply store in the selection of colored art papers. It blends into a good background better than plywood does. See the "Picture Gallery" at the website linked below my message.


Rich K.

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Thats fantastic!, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your pictures and feel suitably inspired.  I like the curves on the elevated track, it really breaks up the monotony of just straights.  I really have to get me a Goji to threaten trains for when I eventually exhibit!


Thanks again



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