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Hi Eurostar25,

I also gave it a go to Buyee short time ago, check your spam email folder for the notification.

You could also send an email to Buyee customer service, they usually reply within 24 hours.



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Thanks for the comments guys

Buyee sent the payment request today so I guess it was as stated. I did a bit of digging and found that you pay for the item first then pay again separately for shipping later

Will see how it goes.

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I've used buyee 10-15 times.  I like using it.  I just wont at the moment due to the every decreasing currency rate versus the yen.

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One I would alway keep an eye on was a Kiha 72 A7890 Micro Ace set.  Ranged from 20,000-30,000 yen.  Now with A7892 coming out.  Sellers cannot even get a bid at 10,000 yen.

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I've used Buyee a couple of times too, great transparent system and almost instant bidding and also there is an option of snipe bidding. I like their web page interface too.


The only problem is, I never seem to get what I liked usually in the end....   :(



One I would alway keep an eye on was a Kiha 72 A7890 Micro Ace set.  Ranged from 20,000-30,000 yen.  Now with A7892 coming out.  Sellers cannot even get a bid at 10,000 yen.


True... Same case with the A8460 East-I... It used to cost like 30,000 over.... And now... it has buried itself in HS sales bin...


If the A7892 comes out... I'm having very bad expectations of MA these days... And still waiting for my Misuzu-Shiosai...

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Hey everyone

Just if you're interested I use buyee which helps foreigners purchase off yahoo auctions Japan. They have a whole selection of second hand Japanese ho stock which you may not be able to get off suppliers like older models. Here's a few examples:

Tenshodo 500 series Shinkansen occasionally goes on sale and final bid is usually $700-$800

Brass stock new and old by katsumi and Endo

Tramway models of enoshima electric trains

A lot of kato and Tomix as well as smaller deceased brands like Fuji brass and Kyoto mokei

This website does work and is not a scam. I have tried it first hand and attained products I never knew existed!

Hope this helps.

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Yep thanks. A number of folks on the forum use buyee or other auction services in Japan for yahoo.jp auctions. Always good to hear positive experiences with stuff like this.


More info over on this thread if anyone wants the basic process







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No worries, threads get buried here on the forum! Thanks for sharing your experience with buyee!


I think we can leave this tread here to maybe continue the auction experiences and perhaps any particulars as the older buyee thread was mostly on a special and stores. Always had to either pile newer stuff on top of older stuff (and folks sometimes don't get to the newer in this case as the thread starts with an old deal) or keep them separate. Put s link in the other one to this one as well.





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So I browsed again, and chanced upon a beautiful MSE basic 6-car set which I was aiming for a LONG LONG time... price don't look too bad, it's new, and also come with a special Blue ribbon medal or something... looks interesting and I guess I just had to make my MSE complete...


So I used buyee again, this time they had a 5% off Rakuten, which is just right for this item since it is from Rakuten. (or rather, it seems to be from Odakyu train store, but available through Rakuten) :


Buyee page:



Original Rakuten page:



There also seem to be an EMS promo going on, but you need to hit 30001 yen to get 10%, and all the way to 90,001 yen for 50% off EMS shipping cost... so I guess my puny purchase wouldn't benefit from this one...


But throw in the free buyee fee and 5% off for Rakuten, it seems like a good deal, for now... let's see if the deal goes through...

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Just tried my first auction to test this out.only a 100 yen mag.stupid UK election keeps making the exchange rate worse hopefully get it posted before Thursday and labours win when it will bomb again

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My copy of RM models turned up today I used sal registered and no plan from buyer to keep costs down so all in around £14, not bad and only took a couple of weeks. Bit surprised how much black and white pics RM still use though.

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Maybe its a bit off-topic, but i have a question. Hopefully someone with the same issue had their problem resolved good. 


I bought a 8-car set of B-Train 700series Railstar with buyee form yahoo auctions. I have bought there before and never had any trouble (except extra taxes due to import...) 

Yesterday i got my package delivered but inside was.. a 4-car add-on set of the 700series Nozomi. I contacted buyee and explained the wrong delivery. So far i just got the confirmation e-mail saying that they received my message. 


Has someone had a similar problem and knows how they deal with that? 

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Has anyone had a case where the seller has removed your leading bid but you still have an auto bid on the auction for a higher amount however it says you're no longer leading?

In my example tonight the current bid is ¥4200, I put an auto bid to ¥7000 and therefore it bid for me at ¥4300, then an hour later an email came saying my leading bid is removed however in the space above the ¥4200 it says I'm still auto bidding to ¥7000 yet it doesn't say I'm leading the bidding any more


Any thoughts?

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Das Steinkopf

I had a similar issue with JAUCE a while ago, I was bidding on a batch of Kyoto Municpal Transport Bureau buses for my future Otsusen layout and the bid seemed to have disappeared, I thought maybe due to me being an international bidder that my bid may have been cancelled as some sellers don't want to sell to international buyers, despite JAUCE looking after the shipping etcetera. I then decided to place bids on some West Body Industries 58MC buses in two other auctions as it was one of the buses I was after, I ended up winning all three auctions, luckily there was no other bidders for those auctions and they didn't cost much, but I am now stuck with 2 buses that I don't need.

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