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Indonesia HSR- last minute developments

bikkuri bahn

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Either that or they are playing a poker game with the tenders for intent to pull the tendered amounts down enough to say yes.


It will go two ways.  They'll get there discount, or they'll never have a outside train maker want to deal with them again.

I called it a month ago.

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Reactivating this thread is:


-PT Kereta Cepat Indonesia China—which will operate the JakartaBandung HSR—opened a polling to choose the best name for the HSR line. The poll will last til HS28(2016).6.20


-A few weeks ago the gov began accepting proposals for a BandungSemarang HSR

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 For instance, look at China's system, they have Chinese, German and Japanese trains (correct me if they have more)




They've also got Italian Alstom (former Fiat Ferroviaria Savigliano)-produced CRH5, based on the ETR600.



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