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Hitachi Rail Europe HSR trainset interior/exterior concepts

bikkuri bahn

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Oh...my...god.... This train is absolutely gorgeous! I wish that it gets ordered by a railway company just so that I can ride it! It's amazing.

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All I see when I look at it old tech A-train chassis and TEMU1000 tilting mechs.  The video just makes it seems like Europe is being offered cutting edge tech.

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If it can reach the 250 mph (400 km/h) top speed for HSR2, then it's cutting edge. If they are just class 800/801 variants (with a maximum speed of just 125 mph, 250 km/h), then they are just limited expresses, like the white sonic and other trains. The HSR1 has trains with a service top speed of 186 mph (300 km/h). Imho the japanese design should at least match this, which would put them in level with most newer european high speed trains.

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So we are talking shinkansen speeds.  No limited expresses in Japan, especially 800/801s come close to 250kph.  That is only 20kph off most revenue shinkansen speeds.

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That's a surprise, as even loco hauled conventional sets, running on 100 year old high speed lines can reach 230 km/h. Pre WWII european HSR was at 160 km/h (both steam hauled and multiple unit).


I think i'll just write a table here:

-normal 'slow' trains: 50-120 km/h

-mini shinkansen: 130 km/h (on converted legacy routes)

-commuter trains: 160 km/h (some are still run with slam door ex-steam stock!)

-legacy tracks loco hauled HSR: 220-230 km/h (Cities Sprinter - Railjet)

-Acela express: 240 km/h

-UK, Swiss, Russian intercity: 230-250 km/h (class 800/801, limited express)

-TGV: 300 km/h

-HSR1: 300 km/h (UK channel tunnel link, uses TGV technology)

-Shinkansen: 270-320 km/h

-German HSR: 320 km/h

-HSR2: 400 km/h (planned UK north-south line)


The 250 km/h seems to be the current practical maximum for legacy standard gauge lines, while 300-320 km/h seems to be the current economical limit for dedicated high speed rail. The Hitachi sets have to be in the latter category or even up to 400 km/h to be competitive with the Siemens Velaro E sets.

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Thanks for the explanation.  I was focused on 160kph speeds, and not 270kph speeds.  I didn't realize the UK have the infrastruction to allow those higher speeds.

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