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2015 JRM Trains n Scrapple Annual Meeting


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If you are in the DC area may 17, come on over and enjoy a scrapple brunch with JRM members. We start around 10a with a brunch, then our annual business meeting about 12 or so then an afternoon of trains! PM if you are interested in attending!






Ps if you don't know what scrapple is its everything left that ain't fit to go into a hotdog with some cereal to make it stick together. Sort of haggis lorikeets...

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Everything but the oink. I didn't know you guys ate it down there, I thought it would be a bit too far south.


Hmmm, I wonder what the Japanese would think of it...

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We fry it up. Not too far south of philly! And some oink is usually still in it!


I'm sure Okinawains would approve!


Our club president has family from philly and he has had a trains n scrapple birthday celebration for years. It was at this event that the original JRM crew and concept came to be like 11 years back.



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