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Found 9 results

  1. Philphil

    The Model Train Wreck Thread

    Hello guys, I didn't see any other threads specifically about this topic, so I thought I'd make a new one: MODEL TRAIN WRECKS! This is the perfect thread to tell us about the latest accident, derailment, or other model train mishap that happen on your layout! Please don't forget to post lots of pictures!
  2. (Didn’t Know which topic to put this in). What is the Japanese equivalent of a wig wag crossing or old crossing? Ive seen some but almost none. All of them are black and white, and it appears there is more than one type. I saved one image of one, but that’s basically all. If you know where to look or have a pic I’d love to see it!
  3. Melandir

    Italian Maglev project

    It looks like this Italian startup created a maglev technology prototype that does not need special infrastructure and can use standard rails with a reduced energy requirement I hope they will be able to be successful company website http://www.ironlev.com/ one article on the topic (Italian), maybe in a few days some article in english will appear http://www.repubblica.it/economia/2018/02/07/news/ironlev_il_treno_a_levitazione_magnetica_made_in_italy-188201462/
  4. We are going to Japan on Jan. 7th next year 2019 and scheduled to arrive on January 8, 2019 at 5:00 PM. Our first time in Japan and not knowing the language, I have to do some research beforehand ... We will be staying at Shibuya Granbell hotel. Best way and train to get to that hotel is which line and which stop to get off to walk to hotel? What are our options and how much do they cost? It would be me and my wife. Do we buy the Suica card ahead of time or do we buy it when we arrive at Narita Airport? If so, where can we get it at Narita? Or should we just buy those packaged limo bus and train ticket options? Thank you. Dave
  5. I feel stupid for having to ask this, but I acquired some train marks from Moyira Studio for my C62 locomotive to complete my Hato Limited Express. (See the link below to get an idea of what I'm talking about). https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10119471 The problem is that I cannot figure out how to place it on my locomotive since it will not slip onto the prototypical metal post that was built for it, nor does the locomotive have an internal magnet to hold it in place either (and even if there was a magnet in the locomotive for that, it would not help since even neodymium magnets struggle to hold onto the alloy the train mark is made from). So how do I place my train marks? So far, I've tried fooling around with loose pieces of ferromagnetic staples in the hope that I could glue a bent staple to the mark then externally hold it onto the locomotive with a magnet I found in the garage, but the results have been mixed.
  6. I play games in my spare time, and I thought it would be worthwhile to record my experiences with them. The best experience I've recorded so far, though, is with the rail management game Train Valley. This indie game has plenty to offer and is continually being updated with more content, better graphics, and friendlier user interfaces, but the best part might be the funny glitches that persist despite the game developer's efforts to fix all the bugs. A new patch is coming out soon is certainly honed on to this forum's central interest: Japanese rail. I've seen this game substantially improve with time, and it has been a decent investment of my time. You can see my experience with the game from its alpha release to the most recent beta release here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLq7fziG4I2WvsbCzGsxICVvHoK4CpOiuq
  7. Melandir

    Model sud stuttgart

    Anyone planning to be present? I hope to go next year, this year I have no budget http://www.messe-stuttgart.de/modell/
  8. Another model train show announced in the Kantō area. The JMRA near (Keikyū) Kamata station: http://www.jmra.gr.jp/ I'll be going (if time permits) to meet up with the T-Trak Network guys and if all goes well, bring my own module (more on that later). I probably won't go buying stuff there, since I've got more than enough projects waiting to be done. Anyway, if anybody goes let me know and we can have a beer or something. xD
  9. Kabutoni

    JNMA 2013

    Today I went with a good friend (who also brought another pal) to the JNMA model train fair in Hamamatsuchō. There were a lot of small traders and manufacturers around, as well as a lot of sweaty and rude otaku. It was mostly about getting bargains, showing off ridiculously expensive hand made perfect models and sweating (it was REALLY hot). Anyway, I took pictures of the small T-Trak meeting that was also featured, with an RC N-scale bus, a boat running on a Tomytec moving bus motor over a 'water' surface (looked quite good) and lots of detailed and inspirational modules. Also, the trains on display were featured in magazines IIRC, like RM Models and so on. Some people will probably recognise some of the modules and trains in the pictures. I'm now very eager to start a T-Trak module as well and join these guys, but as I've currently hit rock-bottom financially, no income, and have a new family situation, this will have to wait for a little while. HNGGGGGGG!!!!1
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