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Found 7 results

  1. An SBB RABDe 500 on InterCity service ICN882 to Zürich HB overtaking InterRegio IR2332 (Locarno to Basel SBB) on the parallel track. Surely something you won't see everyday on any railway, or is this common on Swiss railways? This video is also a great way to take a close look at the tilting mechanism of the RABDe 500 in practice.
  2. Well, unlike most itineraries posted which are about Japan trips, living in Japan, mine is Europe-based. A bit shorter than my previous more touristic forays to the continent, it is concentrated almost exclusively on train riding and watching/photography (pretty much like my travels in Japan). Lodgings are typically business hotels near the main stations, similar to my Toyoko Inn travel pattern (though about 50~60% more expensive). July-Aug. 10 days. Solo. 1st day- Arrival at Munich early evening nonstop flight from Haneda AP. Train to Nuremberg on Munich-Nuremberg HSL (I want to catch the Munich-Nuremberg Express RE service, but may not be able, instead may have to take a white worm ICE). Lodgings Nuremberg. 2nd day- AM German Railway Museum. 2pm depart for Nordhausen via Wurzburg and Erfurt. Lodgings Nordhausen. 3rd day- Harz Mountain Railway. Lodgings Hannover 4th day- IC Train 2013 "Allgau" from Hannover to Stuttgart. This train is a Leipzig-Obertsdorf service that takes a leisurely "arc" of 13.5 hours to traverse through most of Western Germany. I want to get off at Stuttgart to check out the classic railway station before its gone with the new constructions. Stuttgart to Memmingen. Lodgings Memmingen. 5th day- Memmingen environs photography of semaphore signals and RE trains hauled by 218 class diesels. PM RE services to Friedrichshafen via Lindau. Ferry across Lake Constance to Romanshorn. Lodgings Wintherthur. 6th day- Winterthur to Lausanne/Montreux. Golden Pass Route/BLS to Spiez. All trains I take on the narrow gauge scenic routes in Switzerland will be the regular stopping trains, rather than the tourist ones. Lodgings Spiez. 7th day- BLS day. Lotschberg route to Brig. MGB railway to Andermatt, then Goschenen. A tiny bit of Gotthard Route railfanning, and then SBB to Rotkreuz. Lodgings Rotkreuz. 8th day- Return to Gotthard Route. Silenen/Wassen? Goschenen to Andermatt, then MGB to Disentis/Munster. Rhaetian Railway to Chur. SBB back to Rotkreuz. Hopefully a beer back at the hotel veranda while the sun goes down...Lodgings Rotkreuz. 9th day- More Gotthard Route and approaches railfanning until midafternoon. Zurich catch the EC service to Munich, with late evening arrival. Lodgings Munich. 10th day- AM and early afternoon railfaning the Munich-Rosenheim Line and/or the Munich-Muhldorf Line. 6pm Munich AP departure for Narita AP via Dusseldorf. As I have the luxury of a lengthy school holiday, I also have holiday time in Japan. I plan to take the overnight express Hamanasu from Sapporo to Aomori (history next year), then splurge on a Gran Class seat on the Tohoku Shinkansen to Tokyo. About three days in the Tokyo area, and five in Kansai. Overall, looking to be a "railtastic" summer holiday!
  3. bikkuri bahn

    What is this?

    Is it a firefighting train? Spotted a few minutes ago at Immensee Sta.
  4. http://www.globalrailnews.com/2015/06/09/first-glimpse-of-sbbs-new-double-deck-emu/ testing at Velim, Czech Republic: https://youtube.com/watch?v=p1ETr3ZbUwY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lxdub3qIdKA *I suppose these will replace some of the currently loco-hauled IR services. Another reason to visit the Gotthard Route sooner rather than later.
  5. more, with pictures: http://www.railwaygazette.com/news/traction-rolling-stock/single-view/view/mock-up-verifies-stadlers-gotthard-train-design.html
  6. bikkuri bahn

    train accident in Switzerland

    developing news: http://www.ctvnews.ca/world/two-trains-crash-in-switzerland-five-injured-1.2245054 a "subway train"!? :blink: (see below) http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/two-swiss-passenger-trains-collide-leaving-passengers-injured/article23111157/
  7. I am planning a short, post-Christmas, New Years holiday in central/southern Europe and will be in the Zurich area for a couple of days. I have allocated a full day for full-on trainwatching (no sightseeing), and am seeking some suggestions. My parameters for train watching spots: 1. locations within approx. 1 train hour of Zurich Central Station 2. mainline with heavy passenger traffic, preferably with freight traffic too, say 15~20tph ea. direction 3. good trackside vantage points with few obstructions like signs, overpasses, fencing. Station platforms are OK. *Background scenery not necessary, though existence of such is a plus 4. preferably some loco-hauled passenger trains, such as Re4/4 pulling older coaching stock, if it still exists I am thinking of visiting two or three spots for around 90min each, depending on the time needed to get to them as well as availability of daylight. I have already some places in mind: A. Olten- not so much for photography, but to observe SBB railway operations at this node. B. Some point on the approaches to the Gotthard Line (Zug?, Schwyz?), heavy pax and freight trafffic. Your thoughts appreciated.
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