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Found 9 results

  1. I wasn't aware of this until yesterday, but since last year Kawasaki has been testing their efWING CFRP bogies on NY subway rolling stock. This is not noted in the Japanese wikipedia entry. More recent example: KHI website: https://www.khi.co.jp/mobility/rail/bogie/efwing.html
  2. JR Hokkaido's new KIHA285, from Higashi-Yodogawa to Ohmi-Shiotsu, courtesy of Masaharu Aono.
  3. Related to Kawasaki Heavy Industries efWING bogie, a component used in that product: http://www.plasticsnews.com/article/20151222/NEWS/151229950/carbon-fiber-goes-to-work-on-the-railroad
  4. Interesting poster spotted at Keikyu Tsurumi, which shows figures for crowding on weekday morning up trains departing Keikyu Kawasaki Station(6:48 to 8:55 timespan). According to the poster, the most congested train is the 7:59 limited express for Aoto. This poster is intended to encourage commuters to commute in off-peak hours, or at least to choose the less crowded trains.
  5. Place I discovered this weekend. Located directly above the Keikyu Daishi Line terminus, it also offers views of the Keikyu main line, particularly the down local platform, and in the distance, the pocket track used by local trains terminating at Keikyu Kawasaki. location: Tullys, Keikyu Wing Bldg, 4F
  6. bikkuri bahn

    Kawasaki P-1 aircraft at RIAT 2015

    Didn't know this occurred red last year. Practice flight before the demo in front of crowds.
  7. Well, here it is. Looks just like the second iteration of the 521 series operated in the Hokuriku region, but with different color accents. The red represents Itsukushima Shrine's gate, as well as the fall foliage of maple trees, and, if I understand this correctly, it's the color of the Hiroshima Toyo Carp baseball team. First I thought this meant the actual fish, but apparently not. This will run on DC only. They expect to have 43 cars in service this year, and a total of 276 in service by 2018, in 64 3-car formations and 42 2-car formations. They'll be used on the Sanyo, Kure, and Kabe lines. Hmmm, I wonder how the new Osaka Loop Line rolling stock is coming along... I think this design is quite nice, although those things meant to stop people falling between the cars look a little funny on the ends. http://railf.jp/news/2014/06/20/130000.html
  8. This C58 was on static display in a park in Morioka City until autumn of last year. It will pull the SL Ginga Tetsudou excursions once back in service. Refurbished at Omiya like C61 20, it was originally built by Kawasaki in 1940. In this video by tobu2181, you can see it running on the depot's test track. Earlier discussion is here: http://www.jnsforum.com/community/topic/6610-jr-east-to-restore-c58-239
  9. Some shots of intermediate cars. Second shot has one car sandwiched between a JR Hokkaido 733 series and a foreign-bound trainset. http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/superhakuto7000hot/10267038.html The E7 is tentatively due to debut sometime this autumn.
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