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  3. I bought a spray can of Mr Primer Surfacer the other day, more or less on a whim. I gather it's a filler as well as a primer. Does anyone have any experience of using this, or any tips? I also bought a couple of Gundam paint marker pens out of curiosity. I thought they might be good for painting window frames on some carriage kits I'm building. Again, any thoughts, hints or tips? Cheers, Mark.
  4. @ben_issacsOh yes, in Aus we’re stuck with three gauges in major operation!
  5. katoftw

    Kato - New Releases

    hmmm interesting. Normally only Tomix does the special events trains. I wonder if Kato a venturing into this territory now?
  6. Folks, Something similar to this was done in Australia some years ago, where 3'-6" gauge trains of the Central Australia Railway were shunted , along with their 4-8-0 steam loco, onto a rake of Commonwealth Railways std. gauge flats which had the narrow gauge track laid on them. Regrettably, can't remember where this was done, possibly Terowie in South Australia. Regards, Bill, Melbourne.
  7. Yeah right, one late night and the end of that! jeff
  8. Kiha66

    Kato - New Releases

    Due to the upcoming retirement of the e231 sets from the yamanote line, Kato announced a special farewell train set to come out in May.
  9. Slightly on topic, a video demonstrating the 'train on train' proposal for Hokkaido Shinkansen. There would be a gauge change station at each end of the tunnel. This video was made in 2010.
  10. Pin washing the type 0 I got like a month ago. only one car so far. Its subtle but it makes a difference in person Washed Clean
  11. now I have it blocked on my computer.. cant be temped if I cant look for stuff. Not that I didn't buy one last thing before I did.
  12. Pardon my tardiness! Today is the last day of E231-500 regular operations on the Yamanote Line! So do catch it while you still can... (if you’re in Tokyo that is) A farewell ceremony will be held at Osaki Station from 11.30am to 2.30pm tomorrow (18/01/2020). Not sure if there’s a real last run but these 2 days are your final chances to catch the last E231 on the Yamanote, haha.
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  14. cteno4

    The Glue Looper

    So curiosity got the better part of the cat here and I ordered some to play with. Not cheap but wondering if the v3 May be good for tacky glue and getting a thin, even applIcation on sankei wall joints. Toothpicks take several applications and using the pen applicator can be too much and too thick to use even a micro brush. jeff
  15. And if you expand the pic in the poster in the link you posted, it says DE15 on the front of the locomotive I believe.
  16. Kiha66

    How to bid in Japanese auctions for dummies.

    Techmoan (a vintage technology youtuber in the UK) did a good short video showing his experiences with buying from Japan. A good watch for someone who hasn't tried buying from Japanese auction sites before. His point about size is important, cost seems to increase exceptionally with larger items.
  17. valkyriepm

    Cosmos Station

    Hi John! All the station I found of Cosmic are wood laser-cut, is that so? If that's the case I would prime it anyway and sand it with a 600grit or more before painting it. Maybe some paint after assembly for the unions or corrections. Anyway, let us know how you're going with the build! Martin
  18. Btw nariichi San has one of the 485 up on super sale now! jeff
  19. John P Boogerd

    Cosmos Station

    It’s Cosmic. The photo is on the hobby search site.
  20. valkyriepm

    Cosmos Station

    Hi John! Yes, I would recommend to paint it before assembly. Maybe a can of primer first and then acrylic paint. I'm not really familiarized with the kit you mention. Could you post some pics? Martin
  21. Strange move. The Hedjaz Jordan Railway is 1,050 mm and not much used. I didn't even know it was in passenger use, and I am not sure many Jordanians know that it is. They usually rely on their own cars and long distance bus to move around the country. The station in Amman didn't seem to be exactly open to the public when I visited it in 2016. It was also not easily accessible, slightly out of the way. They had a nice collection of steam locs that seemed to be kept in quite good condition. I think they had one of Japanese origin. Even if Ryanair started service a year ago from different European cities, Jordan and Amman are not really on the tourist map, and have but a few tourist attractions... Petra, the Dead Sea, the Red Sea. I love Amman but the city is not really worth more than a couple of days for normal tourists. Maybe if the railway was still linking Amman to Aqaba and the Red Sea it could make sense to run that train as a tourist attraction.
  22. defor

    Lighting Trains

    Thanks Costas- that is what I had assumed, but figured I should ask and see if if was a correct assumption. If I do decide to go down this route, I'll just stick to DCC only then, but I'll probably just shelve the idea altogether.
  23. Thank you for all of the great information. I look forward to getting my Decoder ordered so I can get this up and running. The pictures really help as well as all of the other information that people provided, Doesn't seem nearly as intimidating a project now. Thanks again and really glad to have a place to share ideas now.
  24. I have an expensive Cosmic rural station in HO. All the parts are white plastic. Should I paint them before I glue them together? What’s the best kind of paint to use for this?
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