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funding of wi-fi on UK trains based on fines

bikkuri bahn

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Ah, these are "fines" for Network Rail (the infrastructure operator), not passenger fines as I first thought.


The British rail system is unique and bizarre in pretty much all aspects...

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Not to mention spending the money taken from a government owned rail maintenance firm on luxury items like internet access. This could only result in more speed restrictions on more lines, but the travellers will have wifi while they are sitting on the really slow trains.


Also, with a good gsm coverage every passenger could use their own mobile subscription and if wifi is really needed, then it's just a matter of installing stock gsm to wifi routers in every car. Actually even Hungary has managed to do this on intercity trains with the recurring cost of a single net subsription (sim card) per car and the installation cost of a gsm capable wifi modem in a plastic box strapped to the ceiling and the gsm antenne routed through the roof. Accessing it is done by searching for a hotspot name that matches the car road number we are sitting in. This number is usually be printed on reserved seat tickets and on both sides of the car. Also good gsm coverage along a line is an absolute requirement, since people wouldn't travel on a train that has no mobile signal for an extended time of its route.

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