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Good looking train.


What is the technology behind these new hybird?  Diesel generator create electricity and stores in it batteries?  Batteries run traction motors?


Is the batteries the extra step that make then a hybird versus the current DMUs?

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Yes and they can store power during braking, so when the train stops, it gets back some of the power. Also the diesels have to work less and can be more efficient during acceleration, because the extra power comes from the batteries. More efficiency means cheaper and more enwironment friendly. Also the power for a hybrid can come from the overhead too, so if the train has wires above it for some of its route, it's possible to charge the batteries there and completly skip the diesels.

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I can't spot any pantographs and according to wikipedia it is a hybrid DMU and not a BEMU.

It also mentions that the E200 and HB-300 use the same technology, which is described at the E200 wikipedia page as:

On starting from standstill, energy stored in lithium-ion batteries is used to drive the motors, with the engine cut out. The engine then cuts in for further acceleration and running on gradients. When running down gradients, the motor acts as a generator, recharging the batteries. The engine is also used for braking.

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