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MLIT to set up committee to promote rail transport of import/export containers

bikkuri bahn

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This Wednesday the MLIT announced that it was setting up a committee to promote the shipping by rail of import/export containers. The first meeting will take place today (Friday).  Currently over 90% of these containers move by road.  In efforts to promote modal shift and address labor shortages (truckers?), the ministry will consult with shippers and forwarders, to find out their needs and requirements.  Currently such container traffic has not moved on rail due to issues such as tunnel clearances.  A new container flatcar design that allows clearances may be necessary.



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In efforts to promote modal shift and address labor shortages (truckers?)




I remember reading somewhere else that Japanese freight forwarding companies are having trouble recruiting new drivers and that the present driver pool is drying up as drivers take retirement. More than one freight company has turned to the rails (with containers) to try and alleviate the issue.



Cheers NB

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