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Toreiyu Tsubasa joyful train with foot bath.

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Sometimes we do things because we can rather than because we should.

This is a favorite expression of mine, I think of it often in daily life.


As for the installation of a foot bath in a train, I'm not sure it's a great idea, but it's not a bad idea, either. It's not hurting anyone, for example, and it is an excursion train. Although I wonder, does the water splash out during heavy braking? :)

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At least you won't get as wet as I once did on an old Belgian EMU: it was raining both outside and inside the train. :P :grin

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Tasteful! Wish I could have a chance to travel on it! But I doubt so since it will be available only until 13th September 2014...

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Water troughs could have a similar effect in steam and early diesel days. If the fireman didn't wind the scoop up quickly enough when the tank was full then the water would overflow enthusiastically, giving the first coach a dousing. One writer recalled a miniature tidal wave coming down the corridor after the gangway door proved less than watertight!

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