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What unlikely releases do you want?

Guest keio6000

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This one:



The Kintetsu 20000 series 'Catered' tour train 'Laku' 近畿日本鉄道は団体専用列車「楽」(20000系)


Why hasent anyone pick this up yet....   😞 

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Just now, Yavianice said:



What's wrong with the current Jägerndorfer (loud), Minitrix (expensive), and upcoming Arnold releases?


Jagerndorfer derails and is weak AF. I mean, the CE 6/8 is meant to be a strong train. I don't expect it to be quick but dammit it needs to haul a good amount of wagons. Check the review


Minitrix is expensive AND DONT GET ME STARTED ON THE ARNOLD. I mean I'd like a model but 230 poundsterling for one? That's obscene! That doesn't include shipping. I know Arnold , Minitrix and Fleischmann all made this model before, so I don't know whether they're spending a new mould or whatnot.


I need a good one, detailed and smooth. Preferably made by KATO

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Arnold (2020) DCC will be 240, and analogue it is just over 200? Meanwhile a regular Minitrix loco DCC goes for 225. So it's on par with the price? The Minitrix Crocodile (2020) is 460, that's expensive.


KATO will never make one since everyone makes them. Except Fleischmann. Never heard of Fleischmann making one.

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Jägerndorfer ones are sold by DM-Models on eBay atm in auctions. They sell for around 170€. Maybe they can be improved to run better?

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Martijn Meerts

Jagerndorfer ones seem rather rough on the details judging from the pictures. I've also heard they're not great runners but I believe they've done / will do another run with improvements. Can't remember for sure if that was about the crocodiles though.


These models are fairly big and mechanically quite different from most other locomotives, so they're going to be fairly expensive regardless. I've been wanting one myself for quite a while, but the Jagerndorfer I'm hesitant about, the Minitrix one has no analogue option (and I really don't want to pay extra for crappy sound), so I'll wait and see what the Arnold one will be like.


Then again, I've told myself I won't buy any new N-scale rolling stock until I can actually run it, so ...


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On 8/10/2020 at 11:05 AM, Kanpai Keith said:

Kato curved points  (turnouts) 🤣

Yeah, that would be cool! But my luck would be they wouldn't come in the right radius for my layout.


And if we're including European models in this list, I'd happily buy a Kato ICE 3 (or T or whatever similar model), and why not a reasonably priced Railjet set while I'm at it. I just can't swallow the high prices the European manufacturers/vendors like to ask. Especially with the less than stellar reviews I've read about the Arnold/Minitrix variants of the ICE 3 ( although to be fair I haven't seen a review for the latest Arnold release). Kato are the only ones who can save me!

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2 hours ago, ConnieCommie said:

Kato DD14. DCC-ready please.

What‘s wrong with the MicroAce one? If Kato ever were to make it it won‘t be DCC ready either 😄

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I have to think about this question every month ...

Micro-Ace Series 711, Series 721, Series 785, DE15 "Norokko Go" (1st & 2nd version), Shiki 800 + Yo 8000, KiHa 40 Barbecue Train, KiHa 281 Super Hokuto, KiHa 261-0 Super Soya
Kato Car-Set "Taisetsu", EH800 JRF, ED76-551 (Roundhouse), KiHa 56/27, KiHa 80 Hokuto / Ozora
Tomix / Tomytec KiHa 183 Okhotsk B, ST Tram # 252 & 253

Maybe a bit much, but I still miss the models

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38 minutes ago, roadstar_na6 said:

Says the Tomix Micro Ace guy 😛


I have more MA than I do Tomix.

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Kato's had a good track record with DCC-readiness, to be honest - and the ease of converting them to knuckle couplers is definitely a bonus.

The micro-ace one isn't DCC-ready - and it's a pain in the ass to find one for sale.

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KATO E7 with the Toki Ibis paint scheme would be great. TOMIX has it on offer but for the sake of uniformity I hope KATO makes it so it can match there E7/W7. I usually like to keep certain models under one make if possible although somehow I doubt they will do this version, might have to settle for TOMIX. 


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It’s going to be a long wait. This is not a train per se, but a rubber-tired people mover with a single guiding rail. It does not run on normal tracks.

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