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new JR Shikoku express EMU type

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Just saw this linked on Ompuchaneru.  A new express EMU for JR Shikoku, but it doesn't tilt like the 8000 series.  Looks a bit like a British Rail design, particularly the 350, as mentioned in the discussion.   Not bad.  This illustrations are often quite accurate, but I'll wait to see the real thing.


On this page, click the link for the pdf, it has the illustration: http://www.jr-shikoku.co.jp/03_news/press/13-11-25/01.htm


from this thread on Ompuchaneru: http://rail-uploader.khz-net.com/index.php?id=1124914

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How does the air suspension know how to tilt the train?  I saw 制御付き振り子でない and thought it must not have it at all.  A passive system rather than an active system (hence the 制御付き)?

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Yes, I believe it is a passive system, relying on sensors in the carbody to activate the air cushions to provide tilt, with minimal moving parts. It is also used on the N700, among other types.

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In short, it's similar to the air suspension system used on the 287 Series EMU's that run to Kinosaki Onsen or to Shingu from Osaka/Kyoto.

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I was kinda excited when I saw the title, but I'm not liking this design so far. It says they the design is somewhat 'retro' which I can only find at the side which closely resembles the 485系. The black circle on the front is look really weird.

The article states the series will be called 8600系 and that it is specifically for limited express services.

The page also says it will replace the 2000系 on the Ishizuchi service between Takamatsu and Matsuyama. But does this mean that all Ishizuchi through services will leave the Matsuyama - Uwajima section, which is actually the route the Uwakai does to supplement the already shortened Shiokaze and Ishizuchi services now run by 8000系.

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Tilting passivly whit air suspension? how?

I know there are 3 kind of tilting sistem:

1) active oleodinamic system

2) active air system

(1 and 2 used by Fiat and afterward Alstom whit Pendolino)

3) passive whit spirngs (like Talgo)

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The wiki page is already up: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8600_series

Helps a lot with figuring out things without google translate. I quite like the idea of featuring the colour of famous mikan and olives on the livery but the 'steam train' black makes just no sense IMO. So far I know the line through mikan fields/farms are not electrified though so this train won't run there.

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