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My modular layout - Shin-Yamanote


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Hi everybody,


i'm a new french member of JNS.


I'm using Kato & Tomix japanese models on Tomix Finetrack system.

But, i'm in front of a problem. Which island platform can i use ?


I would like to buy the famous Kato station 23-122 with one expansion set 23-123 but the dimension doesn't correspond to Tomix tracks.



Between 2 tomix tracks, i have 37mm or 55mm and i think that is to compatible with 40mm of kato's platform.



Somebody has already try this or can help/expose me others solutions.


Thank for your answers.


NB: you can see an example of station's configuration in the attached file.


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Mudkip Orange

The track spacing includes the train width (18-20mm by itself). The Kato track spacing is 66mm and all of their platforms are designed for this. You will need to go to 74mm if you use Tomix tracks.

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The Kato 23-122 is configurated like this :

Track (25mm) - Platform (40mm) - Track - Pole (8mm) - Track (25mm) - Platform (40mm) - Track - Pole (8mm)


So, if i understand that you explain me, i need to change my actual configuration (top of image) to bigger configuration (bottom of image) ?

Or my actual configuration is good ?


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if you want to use Tomix fine track to the KATO Island station you might have to do some modification to the Tomix Fine track to match the KATO Uni-track for the platforms.

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Maybe variable track? All in all it's really a hassle, I can understand your choice for the superior Kato station but it's not easy to combine it with other rail types. Also consider the height of the platforms and spacing compared between the tracks and station.

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OK, i have drawn the kato island platform in real scale and 2 tomix tracks with 55mm and 74mm.

In the first test (55mm), the island platform is too large. 

In second one (74mm) it's maybe possible but the tracks aren't next to the island platform.


So, i need to find a solution to have another space between 2 tomix tracks next to kato's space (66mm).

If i use variable track (fleischman ?), i don't know how to connect tomix fine tracks with . :icon_scratch:


I'm searching a solution :read2: with Anyrail and i will tell you if i find something.


Thanks everybody.

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I think that i have found a solution. In the attached image, i have created an intermediate space of 61.5mm



I will buy one island platform to test like "Kato 23-107" and buy all platform elements after if it's good.


Ask me what do you think about this solution ?

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Guest Closed Account 1

It looks good.


A razor saw can help you make a few incisions into the plastic ballasted track to create "forgiveness" tracks. This allows any stress on the connectors to be alleviated.

Don't cut the rails, just the plastic. Hide the cuts inside the station area.


So when you are having issues with track spacing, a couple incisions will fix it.







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Mudkip Orange

Another thing you're going to run into is that the Tomix track is lower than the Kato track (lower profile), so the Kato platform height will be excessively high. You can shim the tomix track with sheet styrene to fix. Or just switch to kato track in the station area using the Tomix-Kato conversion piece KATO 20-045

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Another thing you're going to run into is that the Tomix track is lower than the Kato track (lower profile), so the Kato platform height will be excessively high. You can shim the tomix track with sheet styrene to fix. Or just switch to kato track in the station area using the Tomix-Kato conversion piece KATO 20-045


For the height difference, i have already planned to put the tomix track in station under pieces of cork. Thanks for the Kato 20-045 reference, i note this one.


It all alot of hassle with Tomix having similar products.  The Tomix modern flyover station is 90% the same thing as Kato modern station.


I prefer use Tomix Fine Track, it's a choice because i already have a lot of Tomix tracks and i don't want to buy new Kato tracks to replace them.

I think that you talkin' about "Tomix 4033". I don't like this design station, i can't make a 4 tracks station with, we can't add an extension to this one and i don't like Tomix platform.




With all this information, i will try any solution and i will ask you what i have choice.

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OK, i'm waiting my station parts.

Normaly, i've found a good solution.

I'll show you this when my order wiil be at home (from Japan).

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I am very curious what you found out. I have similar concern. Prefer much more Kato station buildings and platforms (also viaduct stations) but have tomix system. I am thinking about having unitrack at platforms and use special track to connect to tomix but the problem is in controlling points as they would have to be Kato - I guess.

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i have received my station.


I'm thinking that i have found a good solution with this choice :


tomix 1210 + 70mm line + 18.5 mm line + 333 mm line + tomix 1123 (i don't have in my head all references)


With this solution, it's look like good but i didn't try with my trains because i have a problem on line's station tracks.

For this, i will arrange this with extensible 70-99mm tracks.


I wll continue my tests and post some photos about this.

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It's done.


Yes, i have found a solution for my station, there no friction between trains and platforms, traisn arrive exactly at the platform for stop.

I'm very happy :




NEXT STEP : Now, i need to put all of this on two wood module of 1000mm approximatively.


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Looks great. BTW. I assume you used AnyRail for track plan. How did you get 33 & 18.5 tracks there? When I looked into Tomix library within it was missing the shortest tracks.

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How did you get 33 & 18.5 tracks there?

In my version (3.31 from 2009) they are the last two straights in the first row. Unfortunately, this version is so old, that it's missing many newer kato pieces.

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I found them. They are denoted as 1099a and 1099b. The icon is quite misleading suggesting viaduct or sth.


Yeah, there are this one !!! There are sold as a package (2*18.5mm + 2*33mm) : Tomix 1099



Right now, i'm gluing all pieces on my station and platforms :-) 

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