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Cute little plarail type toys spotted at Daiso!

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Hi guys! Was really really shocked to come across this while searching for something in Daiso yesterday... Daiso is the equivilent of the 100-yen shop in Japan, so everything is SGD$2 here. 


Enjoy the pictures!


Basically you need to buy three cars to form a 'complete' train, with a front end and a rear end, and a middle car that contains the motor, which requires i think 3 AAA batteries to run. One can add more middle cars to lengthen the train too i guess. I was delighted to find even the E6! There's E5, Yufin No Mori2, Sunrise Express, Spacia, Super Azusa, Super Oozora, 800 series, SL locomotives, Doctor Yellow and many more!


There are also plenty of tracks - straight, curve, viaduct, bridges, turnout etc! What's really really amazing is there are even figures for them!


Well, a cheaper alternative to the plarail perhaps?  











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Guest keio6000

Daiso has been selling these like, forever.


Seriously though - we don't have children yet, but we are surely about to attempt it seriously if it turns out that we have not left it too long.  While I'm sure I will enjoy it eventually, right now I am kind of dreading the prospect.  One of the bright sides I am looking forward to is buying tons and tons of plarail...  The stuff is so cheap and fun.


unless it's a girl, in which case, I will.. umm...  make some speech about not pigeonholing girls and buy the plarail anyway? :)

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The lookout for our family extension harkens PlaRail (not 100% sure), but I think we'll have to save up for blue tracks in the house. Hmm.. I should already buy some trains that will become rare in the future...

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My strategy may be to leave the hunt for collectorish "rare" stuff to the world of our adult N-scale toys and let children be children with the plarail.


Hmm... I still would like to have a Keisei Skyliner and some other flashy trains tough.  :toothy6:

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Brought a E2 3 car set yesterday for my son from a local toy shop.  They have E3 3 cars sets for $12.99AUD also.


I would mind getting a 3 car 500 and 6 car 800 series train also.  Maybe a EH200 and/or EH500 frieght set since he loves his frieght trains.


Had a huge box (150ish pieces) of old Tomy and Trackmaster stuff in the cupboard, but all the trains were long dead.  Mostly Thomas engines.  Got given it by family friend 2 years ago and has been collecting dust since.  Saw the E2 while walking down a aisle.


Now he plays with those.  Any my N scale stuff doesn't get destroyed.

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That's cool katoftw! 


I just bought some Plarail yesterday for my nephew, as i recently got him a N700 starter set and he got hooked playing with it! 


Unfortunately, the cute little plarail type toys at Daiso were off the shelves now! I can't seem to find them anymore in any Daiso islandwide... I think it doesn't sell well at all since the people here couldn't care less about trains, let along Japanese trains... Sad as i thought of getting some for my nephew so... 



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Kudos to both of you for influencing little minds as well as bringing big smiles to their faces!


I hear of pla rail being passed thru multiple families like that! Rail holds up forever, but trains only make it thru about a kid and a had on average.


Such a great way of letting the kid learn by themselves w.o having an adult over them worried they will hurt n scale. Kids need to bash around a lot in the beginning (adults a lot of the time too!) and have freedom to experiment and d things wrong to see why not to do things some ways. Plarail is perfect for this!


I wish more of it was here in the states. It's been spotty and mainly Thomas.





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It spotty in australia also.  Pretty rare to find it anywhere in the old skool blue track format.


As you said, mainly Thomas trackmaster (which we have a far bit of also) around.


My 5yo has decided he wants the EF500 + 8 frieght car set after seeing it on ebay.  its about $60-$65AUD.  That one will land in his stocking at xmas time I think.


My 2yo, all he says is bullet train, bullet train, bullet train.  both are learning from a Kato stuff.  So he'll probably get a 500 or 800 series Shinkansen for xmas.

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LOL great mental picture of your 2yo running around saying Bullet train! Bullet train! Bullet train! Bullet train! Bullet train! Bullet train! like they will. 5yo is showing some refined tastes there early!


there will be some happy kids in a couple of months!



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