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a little bit of japan


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Hey guys,


ig for the IG Nippon Special i have made a little japan for everyone, made in 4 days. The video description is unfortunately in German, but I think it looks like it is made​​.


my little japan for home :D



I think I'm the video again to make text with English.



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That looks really nice, I also haven't seen much Japanese layouts with palm trees, even though southern Japan has some regions with them.

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Nice scenery. To me it looks like what a railway would look on an island in the Okinawa or Amami areas, with the taller vegetation being sugar cane.

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That would be a good-looking result for a year's work. As a four-day project it's just stunning. And an excellent example of how easy model railroading can be, if you don't get stuck in the details or try to build an empire. It obviously takes a fair bit of skill to make something look that easy, but still it shows how much can be achieved with a relatively small effort (compared to a multi-year project).


Unless I'm very mistaken, the music was Simon and Garfunkle, but it sounded like Japanese instruments. Who was the performance by?

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Martijn Meerts

Got more done in 4 days than I did in 4 years =)


I did manage to collect a good amount of trains though  :grin

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Hey Guys,


thanks for your comments :D its realy funny :D but i think a layout in 4 days ist not easy, the most time on it's all because of the wait for the material - if there is anything (trees, greenery and houses), it goes very fast.


The el Condor pasa version on the Video is from the 12 Girls band (soooooooooooo beautiful :D ), here I also had a song in the background from the video


and the song clocks by coldplay here on Asia ;)




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Shinji - great videos!  And like everyone else, I'm impressed with how much you got done in 4 days!  I think this is a really important point for many people who want to get started in the hobby and quickly feel overwhelmed with all the carpentry, electrical, and computer experience that some of our communications about this hobby seem to imply are a requirement!  Fantastic! 

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