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Tomytec 055389


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Does anyone know where I can get the power connector that attaches under the wide tram track?  It is Tomytec 055389.   I have searched on google but I only get

places in Europe, Australia, and Japan.  Seems like most of these places are out of stock.  Amazon has them from Japan but they want $25 for one and I need about 6 of them.


Any help will be appreciated,




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I presume you are in the U.S.


Better to search on Tomix 5538, and not Tomytec 055389.


Plaza Japan is in Japan, but deals in US dollars:


Good price, but add more items to your order to spread the shipping cost over. Maybe you can always use more track...


Hobby Search Japan is similar, but deals in Yen:


Same note as Plaza Japan, but if you are in no hurry you can use cheaper, slower shipping.




Again, you have to juggle purchase price and shipping price differences to find the right combination for you.


All of these have them in stock. Hope this helps!


Rich K.

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Wrong part number as Rich says. Tomix feeder numbers are always four digits. Hobby Search should have them. My experience is that Plaza Japan does not always have stock.

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Thanks for your replies.  Hobby Search is out of them and Plaza Japan only has one. .  I went ahead and ordered them from a place in Japan.

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