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Hattons Model Railway Shop to Close


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On the modeltrainstuff.com website...

"Model Train Stuff will return...

Stay tuned for further details."

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If and when they do return, it will be an uphill climb for them to rebuild the trust and confidence of us modelers.  After witnessing the fiasco of how it all went down (and fast too!), how many will gladly give their money to them again?  Maybe, just maybe, I will do a small tiny order first to test the waters.

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Apparently the demise was over a bit of time, just not very public. Both finances and squabbles. I agree it will take a lot to lure me back for what little business I had with track and such.



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Yes there were rumors with Kleins for a while. But they were rumors, so hard to know exactly what is the real story.

I’ve not heard of anyone complaining of outstanding orders or charges left behind so far with kliens, so that is good!

It was strange as first buyout, then to move to Nebraska, then closure. Who knows with the deals between Kleins and hattons as well as business issues/history with the individual companies before the merger, complex mix of mess I bet and easy to fall apart.



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