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bikkuri bahn

JR East announced on the 18th that the planned order of E8 units for the Yamagata Shinkansen (debut in spring 2024) has been reduced by two trainsets to a new number of 15 (10 cars per trainset). Reason was economic fallout from Covid will be long-term in Tohoku region.  First time a long-term capital investment has been reduced.


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Looks like 15 sets will be 1:1 replacement for all the in-service E3-1000 trains (3 of 5 total sets) and the whole E3-2000 fleet, 12 sets.  Currently there are 9 departures from Shinjo, all going all the way to Tokyo.  Presumably this is already the corona-era reduced service, and they'll just be keeping it?  Does the accounting or manufacturing contract preclude building more if circumstances improve?




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16 hours ago, bikkuri bahn said:

10 cars per trainset

Typo? That seems improbable. These should be 7-car train sets, as per the E3.

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