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Great video by Akechi Railway Video Center


One of the YT algo quirks I guess that this uploader doesn't have more views.  Really nice videography and editing.


As far as I can tell, the locations shown here are around Neu, Muko, Ebi, and Hoki-Mizoguchi stations on the Hakubi Line.

  • 4:15 possibly around this spot along the Hino River
  • 8:30 at Neu Station, an Okayama bound Yakumo departs under snow
  • 10:00 seems to be the same movements as above, but there's no snow falling or accumulated on the platform.  Earlier, or a different day?
  • 12:00 I think the same as 4:15 looking the other direction
  • 12:30 a Yakumo passes Kurosaka at night
  • 12:45 I think it's Niizato station, which looks a lot like Nunohara, another station on a curve some distance south
  • 14:50 the coolest scene in the video


I figure there will be more videos like this with the retirement of the 381 series coming up, I'll add them in this thread.

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Very nicely shot! This person obviously was a still photographer first and excels at the scene framing and composition first, then overlays very nicely both the motion of the train thru the scene as well as it’s change in size in relation the scene composition. I’ve worked with a lot of professional camera people and few have this talent. One I’ve worked with a lot does and she was first a large format landscape photographer so she had to very carefully frame and compose her scene as she had 2 shots at negatives usually for a shot! She later trained in film/video and really brought her still composition skills into video.


kudos to the videographer.



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JR 500系

Makes me re-think on getting the Kato 381 series Yakumo since it's being release.....  X_x

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JR 500系
19 hours ago, disturbman said:

@JR 500系Didn't you sell one?


Kudos to you for that EXCELLENT memory mate! I'm impressed!!! And yes guilty as charged. I'm a very guilty culprit of selling and re-buying back the same models, it's a condition called stupidity which i am always trying to restrain from ~

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