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Line up of 7 train companies at Tokyu Moto Sumiyoshi Rolling Stock Depot- 1 year till Sotetsu-Tokyu connection

bikkuri bahn

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bikkuri bahn

Media event marking one year until the opening of the link between Sotetsu and Tokyu. Rolling stock of seven railway companies which will utilize the route were lined up at Tokyu's Moto Sumiyoshi yard.  The link is also advertised prominently on a large banner on the Sotetsu Joinus/Takashimaya Building at the western exit of Yokohama Station.


TV news report:


Norimono Channel by Gami:


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Nice line up for a poll, which of those 7s does anyone like best?

1. Saitama Kosoku Railway 2000

2. Toei 6500

3. Tokyo Metro 9000

4. Tokyu 3020

5. Sotetsu 20000/21000

6. Tobu 50000 (50070)

7. Seibu 40000

I'm hesitating between the Tobu 50000 and the Seibu 40000.

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7 hours ago, 200系 said:

I'll take the Eidan 9000 series to go please, no need to wrap it up.

Released next week, you might want to pay for a shipping box though.

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