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JR West new rolling stock for Hakubi Line- 273 series tilt ltd. express - introduction (est.) spring 2024

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bikkuri bahn

JR West announced Feb. 16 that the 381 series currently in use on the Yakumo Ltd. express services between Izumo-shi and Okayama will be replaced starting in spring 2024 by new rolling stock, designated the 273 series.  This will utilize a bogie mounted pendulum tilting system rather than the recently more common/favored air bag cushion system, as experience on JR Shikoku lines has shown the limitations of the air bag system on routes with numerous/continuous curves.  Likely mechanism will be similar to JR Shikoku's 2700 series, with a carbody based on the 287 series  or similar. In addition a single consist of the 381 series will be repainted in JNR ltd. express colors and debut this month (3/19~), to commemorate 50 years of Yakumo service. 



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The rendering is just a blackened 287. Not sure where you see the E353. The general form is of course relatively similar, but the E353 front and cab is quite different than that of a 287, perhaps closer to the JR Hokkaido "golf ball" limited expresses.

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JR West should have just taken a bunch of 681 and 683 series trainsets made redundant with the opening of the Hokiruku Shinkansen extension to Tsuruga in 2024 and turned them into DC-only tilting trainsets for use on the Yakumo service instead.

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I think those 289s are already allocated to services north out of Osaka and northwest out of Kyoto (Kitakinki and Kinosaki, etc).  Plus, adding tilt would be difficult if not impossible, it would require a lot of modification and new parts.  Actually, some Kuroshio 381 stock had its tilt disabled and were renumbered 381-1000 for those same services to replace the old 183 series trains.  I think they were based at Fukuchiyama.

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