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Japanese trains in mainland Asia


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Hi, I've been recently reading about Japanese trains in occupied territories. Since there is very little photos of rolling stock I wonder where can I find pictures of rolling stock used by Chosen Government Railway (Sentetsu), South Manchuria Railway (Mantetsu) and Manchukuo National Railway (Kokusen/Kokutetsu). Is there any archive of them or do I have to look for them one-by-one?

About the models. Bachmann produces/produced a few H0:
Chinese JF1 series, which supposedly can be repainted into MiKaKo class (this class was merged into MiKaI class in 1938) - two lowest running numbers 2121 and 2158 were built in PRC, but without post-war modifications to the design
PRR 2-8-0 "Consolidation", which were bought in 1938 by South Manchuria Railway
DB3 class (South Manchuria Railway DaBuSa class), three liveries: 1) Japanese yellow and purple,  2) Japanese camouflage with red star (captured?), but with Japanese number 3) Chinese navy blue

It would be nice to get both photos of civilian trains and military transports of Kwantung Army.

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