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Looking for 3D models

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Many games have mods/DLCs featuting japanese rolling stock. However, I couldn't find any open-source 3D models. Does anyone know where can I get them, or how can I reverse-engineer them from Trainz?

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This is a common misconception with 3d files.  While games do have 3d models in them, these are usually specific to the game engine they are written for.  If you can extract them from the game files they are unlikely to work with other programs.   Your best bet for learning how to extract file data from the game would most likely be the gaming community for said game or the game engine it is written in, but unless the game is hugely popular I wouldn't bank on them being available.  

I used to work part time in a hobby shop that did 3d printing, and this was a really common question from people who didn't understand how 3d files work.  Depending on what you plan on using the files for, it may be easier to make your own.  Even if you can get them from the game code, the likelihood of you being able to use them in any meaningful way is rather small.


In regards to 3d files for trains, the amount of work that goes into making such a file means that decent quality files of rare prototypes (such as Japanese trains) are few and far between.  A few narrow gauge enthusiasts have been kind enough to share files online, this model of a deki switcher is the only japanese prototype I've seen available for free anywhere.


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I don't know which Trainz version you are using. Trainz 12 and before mainly uses .im file as the in game data for the model, and you might be able to open it with some sort of loader. contents created in TANE and after sometimes use .trainzmesh, which is some of the game's own standard, and probably won't be able to easily open.

I have also heard of people converting MSTS and TS models into other places. However these mostly have copyright problems so be careful.

In Japan the design of trains is part of the property of the railway companies, so it's going to be difficult to find open source models.

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I do make a bit of 3D modelling for Trainz simulator using sketchup, i can send you some .skp files if you want.


For example, here's a Kintetsu 3200 Series commuter train during modelling...




...and here's the finished result.




Here's a list of most of the Japanese trains i've modelled until now. I still have .skp files for all of these.


100 Series Shinkansen

200 Series Shinkansen (100 Series-style H-formations)

JNR/JR East 301 Series

JR West 125 Series

JR West KiHa 120 Series (+ Niigata NDC third sector variants)


DD54 Diesel locomotives

DE10 Diesel locomotives (+ third-sector variants)
DE15 Diesel locomotives (+ third-sector variants)

DE11 Diesel locomotives (both -0, -1000, 1901 and -2000 subserieses and third-sector variants)

DD16 Diesel locomotives (+ third-sector variants)


Tokyu 1000 Series (+ third-sector variants)

Tokyu 8090-8590 Serieses (+ third-sector variants)

Tokyu 2000 Series

Tokyu 9000 Series

Seibu 9000 Series

Kintetsu 3200 Series

Nagano Electric Railway 0 and 10 Serieses "OS-cars"

Ibara Railway IRT355 Series


TRTA/Tokyo Metro 3000 Series (+ third-sector variants)

TRTA/Tokyo Metro 6000 Series

TRTA/Tokyo Metro 7000 Series

TRTA/Tokyo Metro 8000 Series

TRTA/Tokyo Metro 03 Series (+ third-sector variants)

Kyoto Subway 10 Series

Osaka Subway 30 Series

Osaka Subway 10 Series

Osaka Subway 20 Series

Osaka Subway 60 Series


Enoden 2000 Series

Keikuku 611-621-631-2001 Serieses


All the above models are currently avaible for download at my website as trainz's propietary .CDP files.

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13 hours ago, Nozomi329 said:

I don't know which Trainz version you are using.


Trainz 19 Platinum Edition.

I'm fully aware that I need to modify those models to be 3D-printable.

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