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Level Crossing Signs


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As usual, sorry if this has been asked before

Does anyone know what the measurements on this level crossing sign mean? The first one's probably distance from Tokyo, but I'm not sure about the rest. Perhaps also the maximum height of vehicles that are able to pass through? 

(set to start from 1:12)

My apologies for failing to find an image...

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Thanks for posting that video.  I checked out his channel - Evangelist for Japanese Railway - and there are a lot of great videos.  I particularly liked the container train videos.  Most of the sites I have been looking at seem to show container trains that are solid blocks of the dark red JR Freight containers with the occasional JOT container.  On this channel I am seeing trains with quite a variety of containers including one with standard JR containers mixed with the larger international shipping containers.


And some have English subtitles which is a big help.  I just watched the video on Freight Train 4074 and it explains the different types of tank containers the train is carrying which was nice to see.  The wagons are grouped by container type with a final bunch of Taki tank cars at the rear.  Interesting to see how this is set up.



Tony Galiani

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