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Welcome to the forum Brian! 

you’ll find many folks here use Tomix all for some things. Start a thread in the layouts forum as you start to get a bead on what you want to do for your layout. Great way to bounce ideas around and float questions on your project.





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Hi Brian,


I'm in Sydney...but have tended to use Kato and Micro Ace products.  The only Tomix (actually Tomytec) products I have two DMUs, one of which I have powered by a Tomytec mechanism, and a Tomix track cleaning car, all of which work very well.  Tomix have not really been marketed much in Australia, but can of course be bought on line from Japanese online stores.  I believe in Japan Tomix probably has a bigger following than Kato and I know some modellers say that their track products are great.



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Another fan of Tomix track here, because of the wider variety of points and other trackwork (especially tram track). Helps that I live in Japan where it's easy to acquire.

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Martijn Meerts

I did a full Tomix layout, and it all worked really well. It used some overhead stations and some of their double track ramps etc. The only thing I had issues with was the double crossover, which could short circuit when some European brand trains ran over it. 


There's lots of options, and the ballast actually looks rather nice. Funny enough though, I don't have any Tomix track anymore, and my current in-progress layout is all Peco track (can't really beat flex track ;)), and for my T-Trak project I'm using Kato Unitrack of course.

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