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Lampung Railway Club, Club Layout

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A while back I had a project in which I were to salvage broken or unwanted dioramas and "pimp them up" All to be sold. Of which was owned by a creator from Solo, Central Java. 


Apart from it being a tad bit overpriced for a 249-45 oval, it seems that not a lot of people would want an oval with a nature theme. At least a city theme allows the usage of tomytec goodies later on. 


Anyway, when I was working on this. I also needed something to pull more people into the hobby. We currently have only two members, both of which are a bit independent. So maybr this could work for the layout that gets people interested.




After patching some holes with wall putty and painting it. First I decided a siding would be appropriate to make it more dynamic. I therefore got rid of all the 249-45 and the S124 and exchanged it with flextrack. A monumental challenge was the base, the base of this layout used styrofoam and a thin coat on top. It makes laying the flextrack with pins an incredibly difficult job afterwards I ballasted a couple of tracks I wouldnt change. I left the track coming unto the briege clear as I was wondering whether another siding there could work or not. 


You would also notice the bridge. That was the old bridge used for the gorge. I decided that ib order to get more dynamics in the layout, i think an old bridge going over parts of the mountain would make a good bustling area and definitely a lot of room for creation. 




I had then used a red kato bridge from my layout for the gorge. I Layered the gorge with toilet paper which I would then make a waterfall.


Thats it for now. Im waiting for the post on a temple I ordered, which would perch on top of the mountain. Similar to the trek in the hilltops of Nara.



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Testing began



So basically Im not a flextrack tamer. They are so naughty.


We're running out of the usual trackpins and glue isnt an option with my chaotic process. I nailed them with Marklin K track screws. Some of which fit on the tiny holes in the track bed. Most would need to be screwed on the outer bed to keep it from moving. The troubling part is that this diorama is made out or styrofoam, so its foundations arent exactly made for purpose


Ive tested my Micro Ace EF61 carrying long wagons such as the Minitrix Dropflat transformer wagon through the track multiple times. The problem lies in the commuter train. Particularly into and out of the tunnels. There seem to be no entry of exit for the "hand of god" to fix a derailed train inside the tunnel, and I had to reposition the flextrack inside countless times. Ensuring that the locomotive could pass through the tunnel and not derail.


Another problem with the styrofoam base would be the noise. With ballast the train creates a really large noise as it flies past. The ballasting process also discolored the trackbeds, so I might need to get a marker and recolor

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So massive update. 


Firstoff, I see that the model is made by PVC board and Styrofoam. It seems that the original creator placed pvc foundations and moulded the styrofoam using either an electric cutter or a hot knife. 



Now after ripping up and placing back the tracks. The main issues are that the curve entering the KATO bridge would cause the train to crash unto the pillars of the truss bridge, and even after clearance are made, the single entry Faller tunnel's width would cause trains to crash unto its walls consistently. Although a straight track is a solution, the pathing using a curved flextrack made it more than cumbersome. 


I was so pissed. I became a bit more.. Liberal... In my creation. Ripping up a lot of the foundations. 



The singular tunnel mouth is replaced with an old Faller low car tunnel which I implanted unto the mountain surface. That way any trains could pass through the tunnel and trains are easily accessible if any accidents occur. 



I've also added another siding to create a double track platform. Which would be the longer train such as express trains or freight trains. The other siding would be for shorter commuters like railcars. I was planning to use the old bridge for a hill to hill transport, but seeing it disrupting the track, I decided to cut it in pieces and instead use a Faller 4 track tunnel mouth as the bridge. I might paint it, Idk.



For the new siding, I also cut a hole unto the mountain. Adding a tunnel, this is a concept I'm testing, a train shed inside the mountain. This would be enough for a medium sized locomotive to hide itself. I've also used the old bridge and cut the pillars to create tunnel mouths for the town above the mountain. 



The sidings would mean a cumbersome procedure to ensure the flextrack stays in place. Unfortunately this is the best I could do. Some gaps between tracks held by joiners exist, and I'm wondering a solution for it. I saw a youtuber that used aluminium foil to seal the gap but I'm interested in your thoughts. 



I've also got some Noch Profi Wall lying around and have placed them unto the mountain face close to the platforms. The idea would be shops embedded within the mountain using KATO facades or a similar project. I'm also thinking of adding a big JR sign or similar. So that it looks like this is a modern traditional station in Japan.  We'll see. 



Lastly would be the curved faller bridge set I got for 1 USD. I was planning to sell it, but I think it could work adding into the dynamics of this layout. Other than the bridge being a support for the curve unto the station, a seperate module lies on the hilltop so that peeps could gaze at sunrises and the waterfall.


Next would be placing the terrain and blending it in using toilet paper, glue and water. Also to plan the pathing of the mountain area and perhaps do some kitbashing with the used bridge railings.

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After the tissue and glue dried. Came painting. Black, gray and raw umber. I havent gave it a wash and some dry brushing yet. Ill be doing them tonight.


Ive also finished the water part of the waterfall. Unfortunately Im out of dough to create waterfall effect, im looking for some help with a local creator if he can make one for me. 


At least itll be cheaper than buying noch or vallejo water effect again. 

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