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JR East videos about C58 239

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A few days ago JR East posted a bunch of videos on their YT channel about the C58 239 restoration.  This was done in late 2012 to 2013.  Most videos have a date at the beginning in year-month-date format.


The preservation group cleaning 239, plus a seeing off ceremony



Partial disassembly, moving it on the display track, and hoisting it on to trucks for travel south to Omiya




Several videos on the work at Omiya, as well as the boiler's transfer to Sappa Boiler in Osaka and some of the work there.  Their corporate page lists the loco boilers they've worked on, which starts with D51 498 in 1988 and most recently lists this one in 2013.  This expertise must be pretty rare, and preserving it seems like a challenge.  In Europe, most of this work is done in the former East Germany isn't it?  I don't know how this is handled in the US.  Maybe industrial boiler companies do it.














Test runs at Omiya Station and in the Takasaki area, plus its return to Morioka and test runs on the Kamaishi Line with the converted KIHA 141 4-car set.





Two videos about steam loco maintenance and inspection, also showing C61 20.




239's return on SL Ginga services









Thank you for looking at the end of this post.  JR Freight posted this aesthetically appealing video starting  with work on EF510-1 and then showing scenes of it running plus an EF210 and EF66-125.



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