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Dig those tunes!  Almost like a New Order b-side.  Really really b-side.  Anywho...


Following my wildly successful post a few months ago (link below), here's another British video that spent months on my 'watch later' list.  This is a 1989 British Railways Board production reviewing all sorts of signalling and related infrastructure.  Although this video is 27 years after the other, there are a few views of older interlocking mechanisms, pulley systems, and mechanical signals.  Prior to seeing that other video, it hadn't really occurred to me that 'interlocking' truly involves a complex array of slots and levers that physically bar certain switch and signal selections.  I'm also impressed with the physical signalling, not only semaphores but various smaller units such as the one in the video thumbnail.  I would think there must at least a little freezing weather that would interfere with these.


Amongst the many interesting topics are the overview of token safeworking (both single and multiple--I had always wondered what happens if the token winds up at the wrong end of the section) starting around 27:30, and a crossing gate meant to be operated by the public at 49:00.  I love the sign (49:45) for motorists who have just crossed: Have you lowered the barriers?  I can just imagine this in practice in the current US.  "No, I haven't, because driving like a #%*(^!- @#%$ is my style"





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