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driver's view Warrington Bank Quay to Wakefield - Class 66


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I've watched a few driver's view videos made around greater London.  They didn't really hold my attention, which I attribute to having unfortunately never been to England.  I was impressed with the 3 hour 42 minute runtime of this video, so clicked.  Perhaps it's the interesting on-screen information, the scenery, or because it's in the North (where Johnny Marr's heart is, as opposed to his head, which as I understand it is in the south).  Starting just about dead center between Liverpool and Manchester, this is a 99 mile journey first avoiding central Manchester, then coming within about a mile of it via Brewery Junction, before continuing north then east to Wakefield.  Map at 15 seconds into to the video.  Compared to what I see in Japan or here in the US, there seem to be many branch lines throughout the journey, making me wonder just how many lines the UK had before Beeching.



Don Coffey's YT channel, several of other British railway videos - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8LH7xMAyCSqpClAvTHwJRw






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