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See lots of Outland building pictures with sidewalk/ pavements. Any idea where I can buy such sidewalk kits

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Few options





More here




both can also be drawn up in a simple drawing program and just print your roads and sidewalks! You cna mock things up quickly and cut them out to try ideas, then mount them to thin styrene or your baseboard.





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Hey there
I was using both styrene and cardstock for my mine. I really liked the way styrene was working, but the tooth on the cardstock was very nice as well. 
Also, WAY cheaper this way! hehehehe 😉

Some of the work I did on mine. 

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Tony Galiani

I use cardstock quite a bit but it is important to seal it.  I normally paint any exposed areas.  Somehow, on my recent project, Chihiro Horikowa, I left the edges of my paved area (made from cardstock) exposed.  After leaving it out on my screened porch for a couple of very humid days, a portion of the area had separated and curled up - fixable but a careless mistake.  I had planned to glue on some side trim so left the cardstock exposed for better adhesion but had not gotten around to completing the job.


Tony Galiani

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