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High speed train derails in Italy, leaving 2 dead

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Just a recent update:


The trial regarding this derailment commenced yesterday.


The switch's control box (manufactured by Alstom at it's Firenze plant) with the inverted component was taken apart and examinated, and now the general consensus is that the accident's cause was indeed the component installed in reverse, meaning that the responsibility of the crash might fall upon Alstom.


The team of RFI workers operating that night was questioned, and apparently they did notice that "something was wrong" with the switch that night, reason why they decided to lock it in the "correct (straight) route" position and shutting it off.


While there's still to discern why the switch was found set for the "diverging route" instead of the "correct route", it's possible that the team of workers might be cleared of most (if not all) wrongdoings.

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