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I built the kit - Greenmax J.N.R. Series 157 Standard Six Car Formation Set + KURO157 (Basic 7-Car Set)

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Hello Guys 🙂


Today I would like to show you my construction report about to build the Greenmax 437 kit J.N.R. Series 157 Standard Six Car Set + KURO157 (Basic 7-Car Set). This was my First Greenmax kit (and my first try to work with an airbrush). I bought the kit in the bargain sale at Hobbysearch (2880 yen).


For this I also ordered the following accessories to complete the train:
- Greenmax 5711 Motorized Chassis 20m Version A
- Greenmax 5801 PS16N pantograph (2x)
- Greenmax 5012 bogie DT24 (6x)
- Greenmax 8497 Substructures for the Motorized Chassis


The tool, material and color needed for this:
- Cutting pad
- scalpel
- Cutter
- Side cutter
- Files
- wet sandpaper (1500s and 2000s)
- tweezers
- Tamiya Masked Tape
- Plastic glue
- Vallejo plastic spatula
- Vallejo primer


And especially the following colors (after having found the color data and their RAL representatives after a long search to the Japanese colors):
RAL1001 Beige
RAL4002 red violet
RAL6021 pale green







First, I removed the parts from the frames and cleaned them. The assembly was not so easy because I did not stick the bottom plate to the top. This was necessary(?) to insert the windows and interiors later. After that, the gaps and unevennesses are filled, sanded and then primed.





Now I have the tops masked (roof) and then painted with RAL1001.





while I had to dry it, I assembled the chassis and painted it on the top with RAL6021:




now I have taped the housing and painted with RAL4002 (I have several times made to really can paint all surfaces). Then the tops were painted from the inside with RAL 6021.








After all the painting and drying processes, I finished the model. First, the foil was glued to the windows and then the windows on the front sides. Then I grew the pantographs and painted missing details. What is still missing are decals for the lettering of the train.

In preparation for the painting I have the Maskiertape not appropriate clean enough so that is not perfect, the paint on the front sides 😞






For my first kit and the first time painting I think that's ok 🙂




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Nice work Patrick, it’s a lot of work to do masking and painting like that and get it super clean.



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Wow, amazing work!  They look like they came from the factory.  A trick I've found is after masking to spray another coat of the base color which seals up the edges of the tape and reduces the possibility of the upper coat bleeding underneath. 

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They’ve come out great. I’ve been longing for Kato to re-release they’re 157. Good to know that there’s a Greenmax kit out there.


Can’t see in the photo clearly if you’ve done it or not and apologies if I’m stating the obvious. The chrysanthemum emblem on car 4 (クロ157) should be in gold as this was the Emperor’s car. It’s great that this is a bonus inclusion in this kit.


Very impressive work Shinji


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Hello Guys,


@cteno4 Yes that's right, it was a lot of work to mask the tops 🙈 Overall I used almost a whole roll of masked tape.


@Kiha66 The idea is good, unfortunately you have to be careful with the kit with the thick of the color because the red areas are exalted, but I'll try that next time 🙂


@Kamome Yes, I have the Kato model too, I can even take pictures of both models. The chrysanthemum emblem on the Emperor's Car is sublime executed is executed sublime and I have painted gold 🙂 I'll take pictures tomorrow.



Kind Regards


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Hello Guys,


here are the pictures for comparison. As you can see the color does not fit 100%.

I will use the Emperor's car for the series 183 :D Picture Serie 183 With KuRo 157-1






Kind Regrads


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JR 500系

Hi Patrick, that is an awesome job you did there! Very nice indeed! Well done and thanks for sharing! 

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Looks great! Will you spend more time on painting and weathering? Also, what tape did you use to mask off for painting?

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Hello Chuo,


yes, i will weathering the train a bit but that will come later 🙂

i use the Tamiya Masking Tape.


Kind Regards


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