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Building a layout in Brazil

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Hi, I am British, but now living in Brazil. I have a permanent residence visa and a beautiful Brazilian wife. I have been living and working out here for over 5 years, finally making the move from the UK a year ago. I have managed to bring most of my model railway stuff over, in 2 trips with my wife and very large suitcases. In the meantime, with the help of my wife, as my Portuguese wasn't very good at the time (it is better now), I had a 6m x 2.2m baseboard made in sections, and  built up, by a local kitchen manufacturer. 1750 reais (£450 at the time). A real steal compared to the UK. I am in the process of laying track, and wiring it up. It will be DCC, as I have DCC both silent and Sound. British prototypes mainly, but I have a few North American steam, an Australian Garratt, and a French 141R. I also have some US HOn3 locos and wagons. Very little has happened on it until recently, as we needed to go to the UK, so we brought a large amount of rolling stock and more locos with us. Surprisingly, my wife loves my hobby and is very supportive and has helped me find all the necessary bits and pieces of electrical equipment and tools I have needed.

       Is it really 63% import duty on items over $50? I thought it was bad in the UK, when I bought things from the States (40% including the shipping costs)

      It is interesting to know, that there are railway modellers out here in Brazil, however few. There seems to be a healthy Railway Preservation movement here, but they are quite scattered. when I have demonstrated my trains with family and friends here, there are amazed,especially with the sounds and smoke. i have travelled a bit in Brazil visiting my wife's family, but I haven't found any model shops yet. 




I will keep you posted, in between work commitments, if anyone is interested.

I hope I didn't bore you too much. lol. Cheers, 


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