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Not entirely sure what the reason for this run on August 7 was, but it looks fun.
Towed by the EH800 along the Kaikyo Line and Dōnan Isaribi Tetsudō Line (the former Esashi Line):



Towed by the DF200 along the Muroran Main Line and Hakodate Main Line:



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This is "Cassiopeia Cruise," a 4-day trip that takes you around Tohoku and Hokkaido. They have different destinations for different times of year.




Now we can finally use EH800 and DF200 to haul E26... it's prototypical!  :grin

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Now we can finally use EH800 and DF200 to haul E26... it's prototypical!  :grin

It reminds me of the old overnight blue trains that had a different colour engine haul them across the country.

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It just passed Akabane Station heading for Ueno at about 16:40. It was pulled by EF81-95.

I wonder how often it will be running this summer.


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Tomix has this on there new 6 car set today:-


※ towing machine, Ueno - Aomori EF81 form, Aomori-Hakodate EH800 form, Hakodate-Sapporo is the DF200 form.



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Just passed Otsuki Station heading towards Tokyo. Pulled by EF64 37. That's the brown one that's usually parked at Kofu station.


Shot it because I happened to be stuck at this station and some rail fans had gathered.



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how much do they cost? too bad i wasnt able to ride one

Depending on the package you purchase, 280000 to 450000 yen, per person, for a couple traveling together.  Reservations can only be made for two traveling together, with the exception of a limited number of single occupancies.  No children under junior high school age allowed.


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