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JR Freight Diner at Okayama Locomotive Depot


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A small diner/shokudo kind of place right next to JR Freight's office building at Okayama Loco Depot (google map link below).  At :40 he shows an 'authorized personnel only' sign, but then at 1:07, out at the corner there's a sign that says, I think, anyone can go in.  When I get back to Japan, I'm definitely going :grin




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bikkuri bahn

Yes, it says "ippan no kata mo douzo"-  public welcome.  The menu has a focus on udon dishes, which is not surprising, given Okayama's proximity to Kagawa Prefecture.


I also like these cafeteria places.  The most common ones are found in public facilities, typically city halls, often in the basement.  The prices tend to be cheaper than commercial establishments.

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Must check it out next time I visit Okayama, a good way to find somewhere good to eat is to watch were the train crew go.


My friend and I ate at a similar establishment at Erstfeld in Switzerland a couple of years ago, the food was simple but tasty and cheap, and there was the added bonus of a computer monitor on the wall to show train crews where their trains were.

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Interesting places, would have pop a visit if knew the place when I stayed in Okayama for a week in my last trip during new year. Since I like Okayama, I will most likely pop there again.

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In Italy the DLF (Dopolavoro Ferroviario, the railway's social services organization) at Pordenone (Friuli, on the line between Udine and Verona) has a canteen which seems to cater not only to passing crews but also to the public (if anyone were to bother walking from the station to the DLF building at the end of the yard). On all the times I have passed it in the last couple of weeks (I'm now at Padova and have been commuting to and from Friuli for family business) I have never seen it open but there is a notice outside advertising sandwiches and "travel kits" (presumably sandwich + fruit + bottle of mineral water) for 5 Euros. The other day I was myself at Pordenone and a Trenitalia Cargo freight pulled into the yard, after which the crew big-holed the brakes and dropped the pans on the electric loco before disappearing into thin air, presumably for dinner (it was about 9pm). But the canteen was solidly shut - I had wandered down to photograph the loco and saw no activity.


Cheers NB

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