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Me want. Can I pre order it somewhere?


Its on Amazon.de which I believe is Germany where the publisher is located.


But it won't be published until June 2016 and would take time to reach North America.


A note my Portugal book is bilingual with a column of German text and a column of English text.

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Yes,Amazon.de is Germany. I did order from there before,and they usually ship to the US, if not than I'll get my friends to send me one,since I'm originally from Berlin Germany. Thanks again.

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I got their German tram atlas for my trip there in 2014, very useful and worth the money.


Any english language books on Japanese railways are welcome.

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bikkuri bahn

For those who want another source (albeit outdated) on Japanese railways, check out the Electric Railways of Japan series (three volumes) by Leroy W. Demery. More textual than pictorial, and with a handmade aspect, but IIRC full of good info on history, operations, of the various lines.  I first encountered these volumes back in the early 90's in the dusty confines of the old business library of the UCLA Business School, or perhaps was it the map library of the geography dept??  Anyway, pretty obscure, but looking at the used prices for these OOP items, somewhat collectible.

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Those three volumes, and the accompanying book "Japan by Rail", are the most useful and most consulted books in my home library. Part of the reason I initially become interested in Japanese railways was buying the second volume of ERofJ from my local second-hand bookstore. It was cheap and looked interesting. I've never regretted that purchase! :)





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I have the vol 3 with tramways and interurbans that I picked up a decade ago, very nice! As bb noted they are now hard to find and at collector prices! I was hoping to get the other ones...



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