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  2. ianlaw

    My second Japanese layout

    In preparation for the arrival of an 0-series shinkansen next week I have completed the shinkansen loop and started constructing some sections of the viaducts. I bought some kato piers which were available in Holland and am scratch building the decks.
  3. Modellbahn JP

    My photo and videos 1970s~2000s

    Usui Touge collection part 3(end) Class 10000 Electric locomotive (it was the first one with Abt system) The office of Kumanotaira signal station. The sign of Usui pass(碓氷峠)
  4. bill937ca

    Thoughts on Kato's N Gauge Pocket line series

    The steam engines are non-powered with the power chassis being under the first coach. As the power chassis has a long wheelbase resulting in minimum radius of R117. Newer units have a better drive that offers low speed running.
  5. If the person before you took good care of their set, there is no reason for a 2006 MA motor not to perform as well as others motors from the same generation. The renewal 200 series looks good alongside the E2. How do you find the car-gap treatment compared to Tomix and Kato?
  6. disturbman

    Thoughts on Kato's N Gauge Pocket line series

    The pocket line is not designed to be on par quality wise with other, normal n gauge models. They are intended to be cheap(er) toys for a younger audience. If you want a proper model, save money until you can buy the locomotive you really want. Otherwise, chose the pocket line you prefer. Like for B Trains, there is not really a point in being too picky about perceived quality/realness with the pocket line.
  7. The Birmingham train spotter

    Thoughts on Kato's N Gauge Pocket line series

    I've been on the Internet for a while looking for cheap N Gauge Japanese products so I can start strong when I order my first locomotive The EH200 and I came Across Kato's N Gauge Pocket line series of engines and trams,Now at first the Freight train pack had my attention as I like Electric locomotives and diesels ( Steam is still a favourite of mine btw) but it looked rather cheap in Quality and size,I know N Gauge is a small scale hobby for model trains but I was against ordering it.It looked like a lovely starter set for a good price ( £20 in British money or 3021.20 in Yen) but I'm still c
  8. MeTheSwede

    What did you do on your layout today? (N scale)

    Nice layout! What's the curve radius? Is it DC or DCC?
  9. maihama eki

    What did you do on your layout today? (N scale)

    For the first time in my life, I have completed a layout. I can't think of a single thing that I need to add to it. Well, maybe a few trains. It is an n-scale layout, in n-scale, for a combined scale of 1 : 22500. You can buy one of your own here. Some painting required. https://www.shapeways.com/product/A334W2QNN/n-gauge-micro-model-railway-diorama
  10. Yesterday
  11. Kansen Tsushin

    new NHK World show: Japan Railway Journal

    For some reason, NHK doesn't have the VOD link of the latest episode on the show page. It's below if you want to watch it: https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/ondemand/video/2049101/
  12. Ours is similar. We got ours in 2003. They sometimes change the buzzwords, from what I've seen of later models, but I think they (Zojirushi) all have similar functionality in the end.
  13. Received my MicroAce Series 200 1000 “K41” (A1594/5) in the mail. I’m surprised that it runs very smoothly and it’s also more quiet then I expected. Overall it’s a good model, it complements my other JR East KATO models quiet well.
  14. On the Mac there is Railmodeller Pro, a layout app that also has a Tomix library and appears to have all their various pieces (has a ton of choices)...
  15. Modellbahn JP

    Modellbahn JP

    New item has come KATO #10-351 JNR Series 181 EMU Exp. "Toki" (N scale 1/150) A model of EMU JNR L-Express "Toki". It connected Tokyo and Niigata in the 1970s, before the start of the Shinkansen service. One coach is motorized and running is still well. Now on sale! EC site eBay
  16. Modellbahn JP

    My photo and videos 1970s~2000s

    Usui touge collection part 3 EF63×2 and Series 169 EMU Exp."Shinsyu" EF63×2 Usui No.3 Bridge Memorial sign of the first place where Abt system was built in Japan.
  17. Modellbahn JP

    My photo and videos 1970s~2000s

    I'm looking forward to your order ha ha!
  18. The famous Mitaka Overpass, favourite spot of noted author Osamu Dazai, is to be removed. https://www.tokyo-np.co.jp/article/130408 I'm sure I have some photos take from it somewhere, but can't find them now. Here's a Google Maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/53vARqrxNwDerQcC8
  19. disturbman

    People’s Republic of China N Scale trains

    Rumor has it that the next Charming release, next Friday at 8pm Beijing time, will be the 8K: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/7542777246. @Kiha66
  20. Kamome

    My photo and videos 1970s~2000s

    Awesome. It must have been a great place to watch operations. Those locos seemed incredibly busy moving expresses, local trains, sleepers and mail trains up and down the pass. The logistics and crew required must have been a strain on profits, keeping locomotives maintained and staff rested etc.. but what an absolutely fascinating place. I have 6x EF63s in N gauge along with an Kiha 82, EF62, 189 Asama in JNR colours. I think I really need a 169 Myoko and a 489 Hakusan too. I am really enjoying your photos. Many thanks as always.
  21. Kiha66

    My photo and videos 1970s~2000s

    Thanks for sharing! I really love the Usui Pass line, its such an interesting area!
  22. Last week
  23. Thanks @Modellbahn JP 1976 was a fantastic year for rail fanning. However I now need to find some details like drapes, a random door, white telephone and a shadowy, suspicious figure to make the model look more accurate. 😂
  24. Sascha

    Japanese Music

    Just found this song .Its from 2015. I love how Japan has so many bands playing their own instruments.
  25. If you have a PC (not a Mac) you may want to try out Anyrail layout design software (https://www.anyrail.com/). It includes a Tomix Fine Track library. The trial version is free and lets you add up to 50 track pieces to a plan, so you could try out each module design separately and not incur costs at all. It's pretty easy to get going with it, especially for sectional track designs. The typical Tomix curve radius for most mainline railroad trains is 280 mm, the 280 mm straight pieces are generally used the most and provided most in track sets, and the 541-15 size points (541mm radius for 15 de
  26. Thank you @bill937ca and @MeTheSwede for the thorough rundowns! I just have to say, that variable straight rail seems particularly useful - I had no idea there would be such a thing. Not to mention the pack of different tiny straights feels like that would be exactly the kind of thing I'd need. Additionally, the PDF showing the different track pieces as well as the link to the page showing how the track system works together are very helpful. One of my issues definitely would be that I don't quite know what's all available or how they would be linked together properly on a layout. Honestly, ju
  27. As someone who started with Tomix track less than a year ago and built a rather complex layout, here are some things I've learned, whatever it migth be worth. I found this pdf very useful for understanding what pieces exists: https://www.tomytec.co.jp/tomix/nyumon/tomixrail/img/tomixrail_standard.pdf This webpage is a very good resource for understanding track geometry: http://www.trainweb.org/tomix/track/snippets.htm Once you know what's out there, you obviously need to make a decision (if you haven't already) of what style of track you'r
  28. Quick look on my Tobu 500 in multiple EMU Love it ... I need to make the wheels more realistics
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